The Solvay Way approach was deployed in 2013 to involve all our employees in the Group’s sustainable development commitments. In 2016, 50% of Solvay employees working in industrial and Research and Innovation sites took part in actions related to Health Safety and Environment (HSE), social, and local community projects. This strong involvement shows that employees are interested in Solvay’s sustainable development approach.


of employees involved


improvement in CSR practices


of sites, GBUs and Functions

The Solvay Way gives each Group entity the tools it needs to assess and improve its CSR practices according to a system of four performance levels. In 2016, all GBUs and corporate functions carried out a self-assessment for the 6 stakeholders, involving 148 industrial sites, 7 R&I sites, and the 11 major administrative sites. The Solvay Way spider chart shown below was created using the results of these self-assessments.

The self-assessment process is checked annually by the Internal Audits corporate team. The compliance rate is 90%, which lends credence to the Solvay Way results.

2016 Solvay Way Group profile

2016 Solvay Way Group profile (graphic)

The Solvay Way Group profile is determined based on the arithmetic average of Solvay sites, functions and GBUs self-assessments to 54 practices. The criteria of 3 practices (on 54) were changed significantly in 2016, therefore these 3 practices were excluded from 2015 and 2016 group profile to enable a like-to-like comparison. The Customers, Planet and Communities results were impacted by these changes.
Composite Materials and Technology Solutions (Cytec legacy) performed the Solvay Way self-assessment for the first time in 2016 but were not included in 2016 Solvay Way group profile.

SPM analysis of Composite Materials Portefolio confirmed that 84% of their sales are in solutions.

About 81% of employees had a formal annual performance and development appraisal.

88% of net sales generated with product having an Life Cycle Assessments

Solvay issued its first integrated report, with a description of the responsible value process.

Solvay sustainability is among the top 5% of chemical suppliers according to Ecovadis.

€ 7.38 Million budget for Solvay Group donations, sponsorships and own projects.