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Health, safety and environment

Stronger regulatory compliance checks in health, hygiene, occupational safety, process safety, product safety, and environmental matters have recently been implemented locally, at every site. The Group HSE management system also requires every site to ensure a systematic regulatory watch, and to efficiently spot any changes in its regulatory obligations.

The Group aims to conduct a compliance audit at least every five years at every manufacturing site, with full completion (100% of sites) before end 2017. Such compliance audits must be updated at least every five years or in the event of significant regulatory change. Audits are carried out by internal auditors or by external parties under contract.

As regards environmental risk, and in the event that audit findings go beyond administrative failures, priorities are set according to an internal matrix, so as to identify and deal first with the highest risk level situations, and to remediate them within the coming 12 months.

Regulatory compliance in health and hygiene, process safety, and environment

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Scope: All manufacturing and R&I sites except sites from recently acquired Cytec.

Compliance audits during last 5 years





Regulatory watch process in place





The handling of “Risk Sheet 1” situations is a key element of Solvay’s process safety, as prescribed by Solvay’s “red line” on health, safety, and environment risk management. Red lines are essential Solvay rules that must be respected to the extent that they cover issues which constitute major risks for the Group. All major identified risks are validated and reported at corporate level.

Solvay code of conduct

The Solvay code of conduct and other elements relating to compliance are discussed in the Corporate Governance section of the annual report.

Major litigation

The impact of major litigation is discussed in the Management of Risks section of the annual report.