150 years of transformation

Solvay’s culture of responsibility is part of its historical identity. Starting at its inception, the Group pioneered a number of initiatives to benefit its workers, including the provision of internal social security (1878), the adoption of an eight-hour workday (1897), and the provision of paid vacation (1913). It was one of the first companies to engage employees in meaningful social dialog and has built a strong safety culture. These early experiences were formative in shaping the Group's values and commitment to corporate social responsibility. Throughout its 150-year history, Solvay adapted its business model to respond to societal trends and concerns, reflecting its pioneering spirit. As it continues to transform itself today, the Company is guided by its past and is focused on creating responsible sustainable value.

Asking more from chemistry

For Solvay, “Asking more from Chemistry” means being responsible in the way we act, innovate, generate value for our key stakeholders, and contribute broadly to science and society. Responsibility is a fundamental part of our identity. It is a value that manifests itself in our key choices and actions. 

Our first scope of responsibility is the way our people manage our sites through Solvay Way. We have three key indicators: greenhouse gas intensity, safety, and people engagement.

We consider that we also have an impact in the way we manage our product portfolio. We create innovative sustainable solutions that should help our customers and society to answer today’s challenges. Our role is to turn these challenges into sustainable market opportunities, which in turn will help to propel our revenue and earnings growth over time.

Our conviction is that we are able to create economic value and that this value is indeed enhanced as we make both scientific and social progress. It is our firm belief that, as a responsible chemist, our broader contribution to society will ensure that our leadership positions are enhanced.