Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 12 (logo)

The Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) tool enables Solvay to make strategic decisions that steer its portfolio, support progress toward its sustainability objectives and integrate sustainability into its operating decisions. Operating sustainably also broadens opportunities for business. Solvay provides solutions in a variety of specialty areas. As such, the Group responds to the sustainability needs of the marketplace by conceiving solutions that address changes in its environment, and that meet client and stakeholder expectations both today and tomorrow.

Some examples include:

  • familiar solutions, such as biodegradable products for soaps and shampoos and renewable-based solvents for paints and coatings
  • complex solutions that ultimately enable consumers to reduce their energy consumption, generate less food waste, or overcome the limitations of aging.

The SPM tool is the fact-based compass that enables Solvay to upgrade its product portfolio to achieve higher social and environmental standards, and to robustly and systematically map sustainability concerns and opportunities in the marketplace, including from its own suppliers and customers.

The methodology aims at informing decision-makers so that they can detect sustainability risks and opportunities along the entire value chain (cradle-to-grave), develop action plans, and deliver through innovation while balancing economic, social, and environmental values.

Within Solvay, Global Business Units (GBUs) are accountable for delivering the ambitious Group target for sustainable business performance: by 2025, realize €1 of revenue out of every €2 in Sustainable Solutions.