Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 17 (logo)

Solvay has set voluntary external commitments:

For a responsible chemical industry: Solvay is committed to the “Responsible Care®” World Charter. This global chemical industry initiative aims to achieve continuous improvement in the safe handling of chemical substances from their initial development to their final use.

For human rights: Solvay participates in the UN Global Compact and is committed to upholding its principles, contributing to the emergence of a sustainable and inclusive global economy which delivers lasting benefits to people, communities, and markets.

For a global standard in sustainability: Solvay uses the voluntary international standard ISO 26000 on social responsibility as its point of reference. This standard provides guidelines for organizations to operate in a socially responsible manner. Solvay Way incorporates the requirements of this international standard.

For a responsible dialog: on December 17, 2013, Solvay signed a Corporate Social and Environmental Agreement for the whole Group with IndustriALL Global Union. This agreement, one of the first of its kind in the chemical industry, gives tangible expression to Solvay’s determination to ensure that basic labor rights and the Group’s social standards in the areas of health, safety, and environmental protection are respected on all of its sites. This agreement applies to all Solvay employees. Every year, a Solvay site is assessed to ensure the commitments made by the Group are being applied correctly at grassroots level, based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

To ensure compliance with the IndustriALL Global Union Agreement by all employees, it has been integrated as an employee practice in the Solvay Way reference framework, and each year the Solvay Way assessment evaluates how well it is deployed and understood.

European Pact for Youth

Improving young people’s chances of employment: at the Enterprise 2020 Summit, the European Commission and business leaders including Mr. Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay, launched the “European Pact for Youth” to create 10,000 partnerships between business and education to boost young people’s chances of employment. The initiative aims to improve the quality of training and skills that young people can acquire, including transversal, digital, entrepreneurial, green, and soft skills.

Solvay's commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas intensity of its activities

In 2015, along with other steps taken during the COP21 conference in Paris to participate in the fight against global climate change, Solvay committed to reducing by 40% the greenhouse gas intensity of its activities by 2025. The Group has also announced the adoption of an internal carbon price. Since January 2016, Solvay uses an internal price of €25 per metric ton of CO2 for all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide to account for climate challenges in its investment decisions.

Reinforcing its commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably, Solvay has accelerated its efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas intensity in the run-up to the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech in November 2016: the Group has set an intermediary target of a one-fifth reduction in greenhouse gas intensity by 2018.

How Solvay supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a member signatory of the UN Global Compact, Solvay has an impact and contributes to all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its daily business and its products and solutions. Through its strategy, three circles of responsibility and materiality analysis, Solvay has chosen to focus on seven of the UN’s 17 SDGs as particularly important in setting its performance targets. In the following sections, SDG icons indicate links to specific Solvay actions.

Sustainable Development Goals – All goals (logo)

How Solvay's strategic objectives for 2025 contribute to the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals – Supported by Solvay (graphic)

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