1. NOTE F1 Segment information
  2. NOTE F2 Consolidated income statement by nature
  3. NOTE F3 Other operating gains and losses
  4. NOTE F4 Earnings from associates and joint ventures
  5. NOTE F5 Results from portfolio management and reassessments, legacy remediation and major litigations
  6. NOTE F6 Net financial charges
  7. NOTE F7 Income taxes
  8. NOTE F8 Discontinued operations
  9. NOTE F9 Profit for the year
  10. NOTE F10 Earnings per share

Preliminary comment: consistent with the presentation in the consolidated income statement, the notes to the consolidated income statement as presented hereinafter do not include the consolidated income statement impacts from discontinued operations that are presented on a separate line. Those are disclosed in note F8 Discontinued operations. As a consequence, the comparative numbers presented in the notes hereinafter are different from the ones published in the 2015 Annual Report due to the impacts from Acetow and Emerging Biochemicals that were presented as discontinued operations as from 2016.