For many years Solvay has maintained close relations with individual investors both by taking part in conferences and by providing regular information about the Group, in the form of press releases, the annual report, etc.

In 2016, the Group actively continued its meetings with individual investors. In March 2016 Solvay took part in an Investors' Day organized in Antwerp by the Flemish Federation of Investments Club and Investors, VFB (Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggingsclubs en Beleggers), and which is attended every year by more than 1,500 participants. On this occasion, the Solvay Head of Investor Relations presented the Group to an audience of around 400 individual investors.

Furthermore, the Group implemented a campaign including corporate & financial performance messages on financial websites in Belgium and France.

Since 2014 Solvay has published a quarterly e-newsletter called “Solvay in Action”, available in French, Dutch and English, which presents key financial messages as well as articles, videos and images that illustrate the Group evolution through its key strategic levers. It is addressed primarily to Solvay’s Investors’ Club but its entire content is available in the Investors section of www.solvay.‌com. Since its launch in September 2014, 1,600 persons have become members of the Investors’ Club.