2016 underlying figures; 2015 pro forma and restated information

(except for environmental and social figures).

Employeesby zone

Employees (pie chart)

Net Salesby zone

Net sales (pie chart)

Solvay around the world

Solvay around the world (graphic)

Underlying EBITDAin € million

EBITDA (bar chart)

Underlying profit attributable to Solvay share
in € million

Net income (bar chart)

Free Cash Flowin € million

Free cash flow (bar chart)

CFROI1as percentage

CFROI (bar chart)

1 2015 pro forma and non-restated figure.

Dividendin € per share

Dividend paid (bar chart)

2 Recommended to the Shareholders' meeting on May 9, 2017.

Greenhouse Gas IntensityKg CO2 eq. per € EBITDA

Greenhouse gas intensity (bubble chart)

Sustainable Solutions (SPM)as percentage of Group sales

Sustainable solutions (SPM) (bubble chart)

Occupational Accidents at Group Sites3 per million hours worked

Occupational accidents at group sites (bubble chart)

3 Rate of accidents with medical treatment, with or without work stoppage. Non-restated figures.

Employee Engagement Indexas percentage

Employee engagement index (bubble chart)

Employees Involved in Societal Actionsas percentage

Employees involved in societal actions (bubble chart)