In 2006, the European Commission imposed fines against Solvay (including Ausimont SpA, acquired by Solvay in 2002) for alleged breaches of competition rules in the peroxygens market, amounting after appeal to € 139.5 million for Solvay SA and € 12.8 million for Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy SpA. Joint civil lawsuits were filed before the Court of Dortmund (Germany) in 2009 against Solvay and other manufacturers based on the alleged antitrust violation, claiming damages from the manufacturers on a joint and several basis. The value of the claims is approximately € 240 million (excluding interest) against all six defendants. Several questions on the jurisdiction of the Court of Dortmund have been submitted to the European Court of Justice, and proceedings before the Court of Dortmund are pending.

In Brazil, Solvay is facing administrative claims related to alleged cartel activities in various markets. CADE (the Brazilian antitrust authority) issued fines against Solvay and others in May 2012 relating to H202 activity and in February 2016 related to perborate activity (Solvay’s shares of these fines amount to € 29.6 million and € 3.99 million respectively). Solvay has filed a claim contesting these administrative fines before the Brazilian Federal Court.