In October 2009, the public prosecutor of the Criminal Court of Alessandria (Italy) charged several individuals (including employees and former employees of Solvay and Ausimont SpA, now Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy) in relation to alleged criminal violations of environmental laws (a failure to remediate) and public health legislation (intentional poisoning of potable waters). Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy - SSPI (formerly Solvay Solexis and Ausimont), a subsidiary of Solvay and legal successor to Ausimont SpA, named in the trial as the civilly liable party together with Edison SpA, may be exposed to claims for civil liability in the event of a negative outcome of the proceedings. The civil parties admitted to the trial have provisionally quantified their civil damages claims at about € 105 million. In December 2015 the Assize Court of Alessandria sentenced three SSPI managers to jail for 2.5 years and awarded civil damages of about € 400k. This judgment, which is not enforceable as it is not final, was appealed by all the parties and is currently pending before the Criminal Assize Court of Appeal of Turin.

In May 2008, the public prosecutors of the Criminal Court of Pescara (Italy) charged several individuals in relation to alleged criminal violation of environmental laws (environmental disaster) and to alleged crimes against public health (intentional poisoning of potable waters) that had taken place before 2002 (i.e. before Ausimont SpA’s acquisition by Solvay). These individuals included former employees of Ausimont SpA, acquired by Solvay in 2002; no Solvay employee was charged, and Solvay SA and Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy were admitted to the trial as civil parties. The Assize Court of Chieti dismissed the intentional poisoning charge and found the former Ausimont employees guilty of culpable environmental pollution, but declared that this matter was time-barred. The public prosecutors and the civil parties lodged an appeal against this decision and the case is currently pending before the Criminal Assize Court of Appeal of L’Aquila.

As of the end of 2016, 17 civil proceedings had been brought before the Civil Court of Livorno by past workers and relatives of deceased workers at the Rosignano Site seeking damages (provisionally quantified at € 9 million) in relation to diseases allegedly caused by exposure to asbestos. The defendants in these civil proceedings are Solvay SA and Solvay Chimica Italia SpA, respectively the owner and manager of the Rosignano site.