This heading includes intentional attacks on Solvay sites, information and people, with the intent to cause harm, damage or negative consequences.

Prevention and mitigation

  • Solvay has a threat-based security risk-based approach to protecting sites, information and people.
  • A Group Security Director, appointed in 2016, coordinates all security activities globally in order to ensure efficient mitigation of security risks.
  • The Executive Committee has endorsed the creation of two governance bodies:
    • a Security Board, chaired by the CFO and another Comex member
    • a Security Coordination Working Group, chaired by the Group Security Director, with the objective of driving a continuous security threat monitoring program and an optimized security program for the Group
  • In response to the heightened terror threat in Europe, immediate measures were taken to increase protection at a number of sites.
  • Solvay Business Services (SBS) has launched a number of initiatives to mitigate cyber security risks.
  • A travel security program has been approved and implemented to increase protection for business travelers.