2017 Annual Integrated Report

Stakeholders speak

I received 100% paid maternity leave for 14 full weeks under the Solvay Cares policy, which is unheard of in the US!
Keri Williams
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Local communities
Solvay employees pass on a lot of knowledge to us, helping us deepen the knowledge we pass on to students.
Helena Onaga
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Working in collaboration, we can create packaging solutions to help Solvay become more valuable to its customers.
Pete Watson
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At Solvay, you realize that innovation is everywhere! If I had to pick just one innovation, it would be the solutions introduced by composite materials in the automotive sector, particularly in lightweighting. Although they are currently reserved for racing cars, they point to a genuine future trend.
Marco Miserez
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Private-sector companies such as Solvay can be agents and accelerators of change as we implement the SDGs, building a better future for the planet.
Caroline Petit
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Delivering differential value in our markets is a challenge. We are convinced that sustainability and respect for the environment will generate the greatest value for business.
Fabrizio Marini
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Key Figures 2017

Underlying EBITDA

0 2230

in € million

Greenhouse gas intensity

0 5.53

Kg CO2 eq. per € EBITDA

Sustainable solutions

0 49

% of net sales

Chairmen's Message

Our priority today is Growth. We need to bolster our capacity to innovate and to serve our customers more effectively so as to generate strong, sustainable growth.

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Our model for creating sustainable value

We are developing an agile, customer-centric organization and a stronger business model to create sustainable value for our stakeholders. Our approach is to optimize the use of our resources to create financial, environmental, social, and economic wealth.

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10 highlights of 2017

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Key Topics


Key figures comparison

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