Net sales evolution
FY yoy net sales bridge (in €million)

Net sales (bar chart)

Net sales totaled €10,125 million, up 6%, on 8% higher volumes.

  • The -1% scope[1] effect reflects the sale of the smaller polyolefin cross-linkable compounds and formulated resins businesses in June 2017.
  • Foreign exchange fluctuations had a -1% effect on conversion, mainly from the depreciation of the US dollar, and to a lesser extent from the Chinese renminbi, British pound, and Japanese yen, offset partly by the appreciation of the Brazilian real.
  • The 8% volume increase came from all segments. In Advanced Materials, demand for high-performance polymers continued to grow, most notably for automotive and smart devices. Composites sales stabilized year on year, with aerospace composite sales slightly above the prior year offset by weak demand in industrial markets. Advanced Formulations volumes grew strongly, driven by the North American shale oil and gas market recovery. In Performance Chemicals, soda ash volumes were strong throughout the year and the new peroxide HPPO plant started up.

[1] Scope effects include acquisitions and divestments of smaller businesses not leading to the restatement of previous periods.