Advanced Materials

As a leader in markets with high entry barriers and strong returns on investment, Advanced Materials offers high-performance materials for multiple applications primarily in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and health markets. In particular, it provides sustainable mobility solutions, reducing weight and improving CO2 and energy efficiency.

Specialty Polymers

With over 1,500 products, Specialty Polymers offers the widest range of high performance polymers in the world, allowing tailor-made solutions such as pushing the limits of metal replacement in the electronics, automotive, aircraft, and healthcare industries. The GBU has unparalleled expertise in three technologies: aromatic polymers, high barrier polymers, fluoropolymers.

Composite Materials

Composite Materials is a top-tier supplier to the aerospace engineered materials market known for its expertise in design materials and process engineering to deliver innovative customer solutions that maximize technology capability and simplify manufacturing. We deliver optimal material solutions to address our customer’s most challenging demand for new high-performance materials to improve durability and production. Besides the aeronautics sector it also serves applications in wind energy, sports, sailing boats, and notably automotive, where the lightweighting properties create substantial development potential.

Special Chem

Special Chem produces fluor and rare-earth formulations for automotive, semi-conductor, and lighting applications. With its industrial know-how, global presence, and R&I proximity, Special Chem has positioned itself as a strategic partner for the automotive sector as a producer of materials used in emission control catalysis and aluminum brazing, and as a producer of cleaning and polishing materials for electronics.


Silica focuses on highly dispersible silica, used primarily in fuel-efficient and performance tires. It develops innovative solutions for global tire manufacturers, as well as Silica ranges for many other market segments, such as toothpaste, food, industrial products, and rubber articles.

Advanced formulations

As one of Solvay’s growth engines, the Advanced Formulations serves primarily the consumer goods, agro and food, and energy markets. It offers customized specialty formulations that impact surface chemistry and alter liquid behavior to optimize efficiency and yield, while minimizing environmental impact.


Novecare develops and produces formulations that alter the properties of liquids. It offers solutions to the oil and gas industry using the world’s largest chemicals portfolio. Novecare also provides specialty solutions for certain industrial applications, agricultural, and coatings markets.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions is a global leader in specialty mining reagents, phosphine-based chemistry, and solutions for stabilization of polymers. Its portfolio includes world class, leading-edge technologies and unrivalled technical service and applications expertise that support our customers in developing tailor-made solutions, in particular for mining, where Solvay's products allow customers to extract metal concentrates from increasingly more complex and depleted ores.

Aroma Performance

Aroma Performance is the world’s largest integrated producer of vanillin for the food and flavors & fragrances industries and for synthetic intermediates used in perfumery, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and electronics.

Performance Chemicals

Performance Chemicals operates in mature and resilient markets and has leading positions in chemical intermediates. Success is based on economies of scale and state-of-the-art production technology. It serves mainly the consumer goods and food markets. As from Q3 2017, Performance Chemicals also encompasses the remaining business activities previously included in the Functional Polymers segment: following the signing of the binding agreement with German chemical company BASF for the sale of its Polyamides business in September, 2017, those polyamide activities, which constituted the major part of Functional Polymers, were reclassified to discontinued operations. Comparative periods have been reworked accordingly: fourth quarter 2016 net sales increased by €22 million and underlying EBITDA by €2 million; full year net sales went up €121 million and underlying EBITDA €23 million. 

Soda Ash & Derivatives

Soda Ash & Derivatives is the world’s largest producer of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate, sold primarily to the flat and container glass industries but also used in detergents, agro, and food industries. It provides resilient profitability thanks to good pricing, dynamics growing at mid-single digit rate, underpinned by high-quality assets.


Solvay is the market leader in hydrogen peroxide, both in market share and technology. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used mainly by the paper industry to bleach pulp. Its properties are also of interest to many markets, such as chemicals, food, textiles, and the environment.


Coatis is a provider of glycerine-based sustainable solvents solutions and specialty phenols mainly for the Latin American market. It enjoys an undisputed market leadership position in Brazil for Phenol & Derivatives used in the production of synthetic resins employed in foundries, construction, and abrasives.

Corporate & Business Services

Corporate & Business Services includes corporate and other business services, such as the Research & Innovation Center. It also incorporates the Energy Services GBU, whose mission is to optimize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.