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Solvay occupational exposure bands

Solvay uses the Occupational Exposure Band (OEB) system to determine acceptable exposure levels for all cases where there are no established national Occupational Exposure Limits, International Threshold Limit Values (TLVs), or in-house Solvay Acceptable Exposure Limits (SAELs). The OEB approach is highly relevant, as nearly 90% of handled chemicals have no TLV or SAEL. This OEB system also gives a simple, quick, and easy to understand hazard ranking from the least hazardous to the most hazardous.

Cytec products should be incorporated into the Solvay system by end-2018.


Chemicals with occupational exposure band


Chemicals with occupational exposure limit


Chemicals with Solvay acceptable exposure limits

Global tool for industrial hygiene management


sites trained to the Socrates tool

SOCRATES is Solvay’s global IT tool for industrial hygiene management. This application is used to more efficiently identify and assess all industrial hygiene risks, enhance data traceability, and empower operating staff. Sixty six sites have already been trained to use this tool. At the end of 2017, chemical exposure assessments were in the system for “similar exposure groups” representing 6,572 people. “Similar exposure groups” cover a large number of employees with a defined number of risk analyses.