The Solvay Way reference framework is structured by stakeholders. The following stakeholders are identified as the most important. Aligned with ISO 26000, Solvay Way is based on a specific concrete framework in which 22 commitments give rise to 49 associated practices.

Our commitments to our Customers



Integrate our CSR commitments into our customer relationships

Developing a collaborative CSR differentiation

Informing customers of product-related risks

Control product-related risks

Deploying the Product Stewardship management system

Managing the risks attached to substances of very high concern (SVHCs)

Integrate CSR into innovation & investments

Steering innovation projects while integrating CSR

Steering investment projects while integrating CSR

Analyze and develop our markets, while integrating CSR

Detecting megatrends, selecting target orientations

Orienting GBUs' action plans to integrate CSR

Our commitments to our Employees



Manage HSE

Deploying an HSE management system

Ensure employees’ health and safety

Controlling the risks associated with occupational exposures

Promoting occupational health

Preventing occupational accidents

Promoting well-being at work

Respect employees' fundamental human rights and guarantee their social rights

Deploying the IndustriALL Global Union agreement

Promoting diverse teams by creating an inclusive culture

Ensure quality social dialogue

Respecting employees' rights of representation

Develop employability

Developing employees skills

Planning the workforce

Motivate employees

Motivating employees to attain objectives

Promoting improvement projects and suggestions systems

Compensating employees fairly

Integrating CSR commitments into remuneration policy

Our commitments to our Planet (Government and NGOs)



Inform employees and respect regulations regarding environment

Informing employees and involving them in environmental efforts

Respecting and anticipating regulations

Preserve natural resources

Improving energy efficiency

Optimizing raw materials consumption and reducing waste

Reducing water consumption

Limit environmental impact, preserve biodiversity

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Reducing the impact of processes on air, water and soil quality

Preserving biodiversity on and around sites

Reducing IT impact

Exercise responsible influence

Dialoguing and communicating transparently

Our commitments to our Investors



Create value responsibly

Measuring responsible value creation

Integrating CSR into our portfolio management

Ensure risk management

Managing risk globally and considering risk management when making decisions

Ensure dissemination of and compliance with good management and governance practices

Developing responsible practices and behaviors

Promoting responsible governance at Solvay

Our commitments to our Suppliers



Define prerequisites and integrate them into the supplier selection and qualification process

Defining prerequisites and selecting suppliers accordingly

Evaluate buyers' CSR performance

Training and assessing buyers

Manage and assess suppliers' CSR performance, optimize relationships

Managing and evaluating suppliers’ performance

Developing partnerships for innovation

Ensuring balanced relationships with suppliers

Our commitments to the Local communities



Ensure entities are integrated within their surrounding communities

Developing and steering relationships with local stakeholders

Being part of the solution to local societal challenges

Control industrial risks related to entities' physical locations

Identifying hazards and assessing industrial risks

Managing industrial risks for the community

Preparing for emergency situations

Control supply chain risks and preventing accidents

Preventing transportation accidents