2.1. Capital and shares

No changes were made to the Company’s capital in 2017. It amounts to €1,588,146,240 and is represented by 105,876,416 shares.

2.2. Shareholders

2.2.1. Major shareholder

Solvay’s main shareholder is Solvac SA, which holds more than 30% of Solvay’s share capital.

Solvac SA is a public limited liability company established under Belgian law whose shares are traded on Euronext Brussels exchange.

Solvac has approximately 13,000 shareholders. Among them, more than 2,000 persons are related to the founding families of Solvay and Solvac. These persons hold approximately 77% of Solvac shares.

2.2.2. Shareholder structure

The following table shows the current shareholder structure based on the notifications made to the Company and to the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (“FSMA”) by the shareholders specified below, according to the Belgian law of Wednesday, May 2, 2007 on the notification of significant shareholdings, or according to Solvay’s bylaws, or Article 74 of the Belgian law of April 1, 2007 on public acquisition bids, and on more recent information from public disclosures.





Number of shares


% of total



July 29, 2016





Solvay Stock Option Management


July 4, 2016


(+559,374 purchase options)



1) Shares for which notifications have been filed

According to regulations on financial transparency, the shareholders’ requirement is to disclose interest to Solvay when participation exceeds the threshold of 3%.

  • Solvac: On August 1, 2017, Solvac gave notice that it holds 30.71% (32,511,125 shares) of Solvay’s share capital.
  • Solvay Stock Option Management SPRL, an indirect subsidiary of Solvay, notified Solvay on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 that its shareholding amounted to 3.001% of the 105,876,416 shares issued by Solvay, representing 2,472,641 shares and 709,874 purchase options. These purchase options are part of the Group's strategy of hedging risk linked to stock options granted by Solvay to senior executives of the Group.
  • Blackrock Inc. gave notice on November 8, 2017, that it holds a 3.95% interest (3,545,803 shares and 632,744 equivalent financial instruments) in the share capital of the Company.

The latest transparency notifications are available on the website.

2) The shares for which no transparency notifications have been filed with Solvay or the FSMA are held by:

  • individual shareholders who hold shares directly in Solvay,
  • institutional shareholders.

At the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, shares were deposited and votes cast in respect of 58.58% of Solvay SA's capital.