Solvay SA – headquartered in Belgium – is committed to the highest governance principles and seeks to consistently enhance corporate governance performance, emphasizing transparency and promoting a sustainable culture of long-term value creation.

Solvay’s governance bodies are responsible for the Group’s long-term approach, pursuing the vision of Solvay’s founder, and implementing the strategy. The Board of Directors is entrusted with steering Solvay’s development strategy while advising the Executive Committee, which oversees its business operations.

This Corporate Governance Statement applies the recommendations of the 2009 Belgian Corporate Governance Code’s “comply or explain” principle. It includes information on Solvay’s share capital, shareholders and investor relations, governance bodies, Compensation report, risk and internal control, and external auditor. Solvay fully respects the rules described in this Corporate Governance Statement.

The Board of Directors of Solvay adopted a Corporate Governance Charter (the “Charter”) on December 13, 2016. The Charter is available on the Solvay’s website and describes the main aspects of the Solvay group’s corporate governance, including its governance structure and the internal rules of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and other committees set up by the Board of Directors.

In accordance with this principle, none of the rules described in this Corporate Governance Statement depart from the 2009 Belgian Corporate Governance Code.