Solvay’s objective is to enhance its visibility and attractiveness to all kinds of stakeholders by improving shareholders’ awareness of Solvay’s equity story and by improving the relationship based on trust and interactions.

Every shareholder has access to clear, comprehensive, transparent information tailored to his or her individual needs through Solvay’s Investors’ Club or through direct contacts with Solvay reference shareholders. Information that is prepared and used is published on the Solvay website to guarantee that no benefit can be gained from privileged access.

An annual communication program is defined and validated by Solvay executives, which offers in particular:

  • Regular information about Solvay, including press releases, amendments to by-laws, dividend payments, 
  • A calendar of upcoming events, including the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, a quarterly “Solvay in Action” e-newsletter explaining the Group’s strategy and main achievements through, for example, interviews and videos,
  • Invitations to events in which Solvay will participate.

In 2017, Solvay regularly hosted events such as meetings with senior managemen, experts and visits to company sites, including:

  • Antwerp Investors' Day organized by the Flemish Federation of Investment Clubs and Investors, VFB (Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggingsclubs en Beleggers), attended by more than 1,500 participants annually. An Executive Committee member held a meeting and Q&A with around 400 individual investors,
  • Finance Avenue organized in Brussels by the De Tijd and L’Echo, attended by 3,600 participants,
  • Several founding families and private banking events.

In addition, Solvay’s share registration service responds to all queries and requests for information.