Risk description

Climate change increases the severity of extreme natural events, generates chronic deviations in mean temperatures and precipitation patterns, and causes sea levels to rise. This could impact Solvay’s sites and supply chain. These impacts could manifest themselves as one or more of the following consequences:

  • Inability to operate plants,
  • Damage to assets,
  • Difficulty in supplying customers,
  • Disruption in the supply of raw materials, energy or utilities.

Prevention and mitigation actions

This risk has a long-term horizon; nevertheless, Solvay is creating a consistent mitigation plan, the details of which are as follows:

  • Build a methodology (type of impacts to be taken into account – major events, permanent changes, environmental, socio-economic impacts – level of impact, location, etc.),
  • Consider the following impacts:
    • More frequent and more extreme natural events such as floods and storms
    • Regulatory impact (intake water temperature, return water temperature)
    • Sea level rise
    • Drought/Hydric stress => update previous study
    • Deploy the methodology on the industrial footprint and supply chain flows.

2017 main actions

Regulations impact (intake water temperature, return water temperature) => assessment concluded that this item is not a high impact issue