Risk description

Intentional attacks on Solvay sites, information and people with the intent to cause harm, damage, or negative consequences.

Prevention and mitigation actions

  • Solvay has a threat-based and compliance-based security approach to protecting sites, information, and people.
  • A Group Security Director coordinates all security activities globally in order to ensure efficient security risk mitigation.
  • The Executive Committee has endorsed the creation of two governance bodies:
    • a Security Board, chaired by the CFO and another Executive Committee member, and
    • a Security Coordination Working Group, chaired by the Group Security Director, which aims to run a continuous security threat monitoring program and an optimized security program for the Group.

2017 main actions

  • Continuation of the Group’s cyber-security initiatives in Solvay Business Services (SBS).
  • Launch of a Group-wide physical security program, focusing initially on the Group’s high-risk industrial sites. Vulnerabilities have been identified and will be mitigated in 2018.
  • Adoption of a Group Security Policy, embedding security in the Group’s governance rules.