Thanks to our core technologies, expertise, and skills we have developed solid positions on seven distinct markets with high growth potential: consumer goods and healthcare; automotive and aerospace; resources and environment; agro, feed and food; electrical and electronics; building and construction; and industrial applications. Some 70% of our portfolio consists of products from activities that constitute our growth engines, and our revamped customer profile includes major names in automotive, aerospace, electronics and agrochemicals among others.

Consumer Goods & Healthcare

Improving the quality of life


of net sales

Consumer behavior is changing as populations in mature economies age and the middle classes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America grow in size. Consumers want easy-to-use and multifunctional solutions that are tailor-made, safe, sustainable… and that benefit their health and well-being.

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Consumer goods

From smart textiles to personal care, our broad portfolio offers innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions. The world’s first biodegradable yarn, Amni Soul Eco®, is one of our smart and sustainable products. Polycare® Split Therapy is a new formulation to repair split ends. Made from natural guar polymers, this technology is optimized to deliver perceivable and durable repair of split ends from the first use without compromising on sensorial performance.The bio-based solvent line Augeo® provides active and efficient solvency power for heavy cleaner formulations and homecare fragrances.


The industry's broadest selection of high-performance thermoplastics for implantable and non-implantable medical devices, our advanced medical-grade polymers include Radel® PPSU, with excellent impact strength, and Veradel® HC PESU, resistant to high temperatures. RhodaPhos® is a reagent providing high-purity, safely scalable phosphoramidite chemistry to enable the manufacture of oligonucleotides essential to the development of antisense drugs, which address severe genetic disorders such as Huntingdon’s disease.

An innovative material for dentistry

Building on its high-performance polymers, Solvay has developed a new dental business line with an innovative material that replaces metal in removable partial denture frames. Solvay Dental 360™ brings two key advantages: it enables a digital workflow that accelerates the work of dental laboratories and dentists while offering patients more comfortable and natural-looking dentures than traditional metal frames.

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Automotive & Aerospace

Cleaner mobility


of net sales

Growing concerns about sustainability and stringent regulations on CO2 and particulate emissions are driving the automotive and aerospace industries to develop more sustainable mobility systems. We help make transportation cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient.

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Solvay’s materials allow manufacturers to build the lightest vehicles possible. Specialty polymers such as KetaSpire® PEEK, which has excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, can replace metal. Among our aerospace solutions, Cycom® is a structural composite with excellent fire retardant and anti-corrosion properties.


Batteries with higher energy density, greater power, and lower cost are vital for the future of electromobility. Meeting the highest requirements in terms of safety, temperature and chemical resistance, our solutions address the needs of the entire battery system. Our newly acquired Energain™ technologies, including electrolyte additives, salts, binders and separators, improve lithium-ion battery performance. Fluorinated materials offer higher stability, allowing batteries to work at higher voltages, to increasing range and reducing costs.

Powertrain efficiency

In all types of powertrains, the engine and transmission system are potential areas for significant energy efficiency improvements. Our solutions for air loop management and heating and cooling technologies, as well as those aiming at enhancing new drivetrain systems boost powertrain performance. We provide effective thermal control solutions, optimized acoustic systems and corrosion protection for automobile powertrains. Nocolok® Flux, a high-quality fluxing agent used for brazing aluminum components, is an industry standard for aluminum heat exchangers.

Green technologies

Our silica products allow tire manufacturers to decrease rolling resistance by up to 25%, which equates to 7% less fuel consumption. The performance of the catalytic converters that minimize pollutant emissions from gasoline combustion is boosted by several of our chemical products, including Optalys®, which fits modern engines like hybrids or GDIs.

New composites that make cars more fuel-efficient

Replacing metal and solid plastic structures by composite materials in car manufacture makes vehicles lighter, reducing their fuel consumption and thus their emissions. SolvaLite™ composites are up to 40% lighter than metal and cure much faster than traditional composites. As such, they increase composite manufacturing efficiencies, making them cost-effective for high-volume production runs.

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Resources & Environment

Affordable resources and environmental protection


of net sales

Solvay’s sustainable solutions for the oil & gas, mining, energy generation, and energy storage sectors help its customers offer energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services to their consumers.

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Oil & Gas

Solvay offers the industry’s widest range of oilfield additives including high-performance polymers such as friction reducers and Tiguar® guar derivatives that allow customers to stimulate wells with recycled water and under extreme conditions. Our Rhodibloc® cement additives provide superior fluid loss and gas migration control to ensure well integrity.


Fulfilling or exceeding the most stringent technical and environmental specifications, our specialty mining reagents help customers in the mining industry improve their productivity and reduce their operating costs for the recovery of many metals and minerals, especially copper, alumina, gold, silver, uranium, nickel/cobalt, and polymetallic ores. To enhance the recovery of metals and detoxify water elements after metal extraction, we supply Interox® hydrogen peroxide.

Energy solutions

Our solutions are used to produce and store renewable energies and to improve energy efficiency. We manufacture highly resistant films such as Halar® ECTFE that provide excellent UV protection for photovoltaic panels while enabling them to achieve high performance in solar energy capture. We are also focusing our attention on developing technologies that meet the specific needs of battery manufacturers, with a number of R&I projects underway.

Environmental protection

To make the planet a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live, our solutions support air and water treatment and soil remediation using filtration, gas separation, absorption, and chemical reactions. To meet the demands of waste-to-energy incineration, industrial boilers, cement manufacturing, etc., we provide Solvair® Solutions, a range of products and systems for air emission control and associated waste management. Our systems are used in particular for processing gaseous waste.

Capturing heavy metals from wastewater

Tighter regulations and more frequent controls in Europe, North America and Asia put increased pressure on industrial sites to reduce the level of heavy metals in wastewater. With Capterall™, we offer a unique and complete solution – product, process and services – to capture a wide range of heavy metals from wastewater. The solution also reduces plants' freshwater consumption by recycling the water and reusing it in the process. Capterall™ is a highly efficient, cost-effective, pollution peak control and easy-to-deploy solution.

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Agro, Feed & Food

Sustainable living and environmental protection


of net sales

The growing global population requires greater agricultural yields and better resource management. Solvay’s unique portfolio of innovative solutions supports customers from farmers to food processors, helping them operate responsibly and sustainably.

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We offer safe, eco-friendly solutions for agriculture that maximize efficiency and competitiveness while boosting quality and productivity across the value chain. The AgRho® N-Protect product family are advanced and eco-friendly formulations of nitrogen stabilizers. Applied to fertilizers, our solution increases crop yield by up to 20%, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving water quality. We actively participate to the agriculture transformation by supporting new farming practices such as tailor made agrochemicals formulations for drone applications, combining benefits and value creation for farmers and consumers.


Solvay offers a range of highly efficient feed supplements for livestock used for the prevention and control of diseases. They also optimize the flow of nutrients that are essential for animal health. Making powdered content easier to process and transport, Tixosil® 38A is a silica product that helps powders flow. In the aquaculture industry, where parasitic diseases can seriously affect production, we have developed a solution made of oxygenated water, Paramove®, that removes sea lice from salmon, leaving only oxygen and water in the environment.


Helping the food industry endeavor to provide consumers with the healthier and more convenient food they increasingly demand, we offer manufacturers a wide range of products for food preparation, food preservation, healthier living, improved food quality, food safety, and taste enhancement. We have developed a range of Vanifolia® products, including one specifically designed to mask whey and pea protein off-notes, often employed by manufacturers to supply high protein content to nutrition, health, and wellness product lines.

Seed and grain care

With increasing demand and a limited potential of cultivated area, safe and cost-effective yield increase is crucial for future developments in agriculture. AgRho® S-Boost is a breakthrough seed-applied technology based on naturally-derived macromolecules. It offers a root booster effect compatible with seeds, based on a biodegradable formulation and the related intake of nutrients. The formulation then acts as a vitamin booster to ensure rapid growth, healthy plants, and ultimately better yield.

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Electrical & Electronics

Connectivity and energy efficiency


of net sales

We work closely with manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment to ensure that our advanced materials are fully geared to their needs, enabling them to develop new miniaturization technologies and offering them new perspectives in design, safety and energy performance.

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Design & connectivity

The increased miniaturization, conductivity and complexity of electrical components means greater demands on materials, especially for high temperature operation and dimensional stability. For structural components used in smart mobile devices, the Kalix® HPPA range provides high strength, rigidity, and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing. In structural mobile electronic components such as housings, covers, chassis, and frames, where strength, rigidity, and aesthetics are important, our compounds with high glass content can replace metal.


Higher temperature resistance, more efficient fire protection and safety of use, the key requirements of modern electrical equipment, are provided by our wide range of polyamide solutions. In high-temperature automotive applications, our specialty polyamide Amodel® PPA can replace metals, offering particularly good resistance to continuous heat.

Process efficiency

Electronics markets require very pure, highly technical components. We provide chemicals and materials to meet the demanding technical requirements of this industry. With increasingly small device geometries, the need for advanced cleaning solutions to manufacture the future generation of semiconductors is growing very significantly. Interox® PICO hydrogen peroxide is the reference for semiconductor manufacturers.

A high-performance material for Li-ion batteries

Solef® PVDF – our partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer with excellent thermo-mechanical and chemical properties – is a favored material for the lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles: it brings many advantages to the industry when used as a binder in the formulation of electrodes as well as in the design of the separator.

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Building & Construction

Sustainability and energy efficiency


of net sales

Demand is growing for longer-lasting buildings that consume less energy and enhance their users’ well-being. Our solutions focus on increasingly stringent environmental performance certification systems in passive residential and commercial buildings.

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Energy savings

Buildings represent 40% of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We help develop solutions for energy-saving triple-glazed windows with Soda Solvay® soda ash, and for foam wall coverings to maintain comfortable temperatures in near-zero-energy housing. We also offer easy-to-use and very long-lasting products for cooling and heating systems. Our Alve-One™ sustainable foaming solutions help producers of thermoplastics and elastomers achieve the specific properties they are seeking for their plastics, including insulation, strength, and lightweight.

Resource efficiency

Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce in many countries, and so the watering of plants, trees, and green facades in cities often relies on reused rainwater, creating a growing need for our plastic piping and fittings for water and drainage. Prolonging the life of construction materials, our Cyasorb Cynergy Solutions® B series UV stabilizers deliver exceptional UV and long-term thermal protection to polyolefins used in outdoor building and construction applications.

Protection & safety

Solvay is a global leader in emulsion polymerization, enabling the conversion to water- based systems with specialty surfactants and monomers. APE1 and VOC2-free products including Rhodasurf® and Aerosol® surfactant solutions help solve our customers’ unmet needs.

1 APE: Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates.

2 VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds.

Enhanced adhesion on difficult surfaces

Sipomer® PAM and WAM series specialty monomers provide exceptional adhesion onto difficult substrates, such as aluminum, cold steel, glass, concrete, aged alkyd, wood, and plastic in waterborne systems. This range of products can boost binder performances in terms of adhesion and corrosion resistance. They also offer a viable solution for direct-to-metal applications.

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Industrial applications

Efficiency and value


of net sales

With ever stricter regulations to conform to, manufacturers rely on innovations for more efficient processes and more competitive products. Our materials and solutions help them operate more responsibly and give their products longer lifetimes, creating more sustainable value.

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Industrial & protective coatings

Solvay offers a wide range of binders, solvents, pigments and additives and it is constantly developing formulations to provide benefits based on surface modifications: enhanced surface wetting, improved adhesion to substrates, enhanced color development, strong corrosion protection, and resistance to aggressive fluids. For industrial cleaning, resin clean-up, foundry resins, paint stripping, and paints and coatings, we have an eco-friendly biodegradable solvent, Rhodiasolv® IRIS.

Metal & surface treatment

We create ingredients and formulated products that modify and clean the surface of several metallic and organic substrates, improving the performance of finished products and enhancing their shelf life. The Supersol® lubricant for steel cord for more fuel-efficient tires exemplifies our environmentally responsible solutions.

Industrial equipment protection

The high demands of industrial equipment entail combining resistance to corrosion, temperature, and aggressive chemicals. Solvay has created and formulated specific polymer products that can even replace certain metals under particularly harsh conditions of use.

Printing, inks & adhesives

We develop additives and solvents for the formulation of inks and adhesives, both waterborne and solvent-based, as well as solvents for thinners, in full compliance with recently adopted HSE regulations.

A combination of properties for highly demanding industries

Our solutions offer excellent resistance to UV irradiation, chemicals, fire and abrasion, and have applications in many industries. They are widely used in anti-corrosion applications as a lining or in self-supporting constructions (piping). Its excellent fire resistance properties and chemical resistance make Halar® ECTFE a product of first choice in wire and cable applications, in communication cable or specialty cable.

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