At all levels of the company, starting with the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, Solvay’s balanced remuneration policy is closely linked to the successful implementation of its strategy and to meeting both financial and extra-financial goals. It reflects a balance between long term and short term.

A variable remuneration covering 100% of Solvay’s workforce

Covering both economic and sustainability objectives, Solvay’s remuneration policy encourages the creation of sustainable value that stands the test of time while ensuring the achievement of short-term imperatives, which reflect the Group’s global performance. 100% of our workforce have variable remuneration packages. Managers’ short-term incentives are based on tailored targets, both financial and extra-financial. For the third year, all other categories of employees benefit from the Global Performance Sharing Plan, which incorporates economic and sustainable development targets. This program was negotiated with the Solvay Global Forum of union representatives.

Compensation of the Chairman of the Executive Committee

In line with market practices, the compensation package of Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Executive Committee, is balanced between a fixed base salary and both short-term incentives (STIs) and long-term incentives (LTIs). For the first time this year, in order to align LTIs with Solvay’s broader definition of sustainable value creation, it included a metric on greenhouse gas intensity.

CEO Remuneration CEO total compensation at target for 2017

SHORT TERM (this year)
Base Salary 28.5%
STI (Short-term incentives) 28.5%
CEO-remuneration – Target STI (graphic)
Long Term
LTI (Long-term incentives) 43%
CEO-remuneration – Target LTI (graphic)