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At Solvay, you realize that innovation is everywhere! If I had to pick just one innovation, it would be the solutions introduced by composite materials in the automotive sector, particularly in lightweighting. Although they are currently reserved for racing cars, they point to a genuine future trend.

Marco Miserez

Marco Miserez

  • Fund Manager, Candriam Investment Group

Candriam Investment Group, an asset management firm which is a pioneer in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), analyzes not only Solvay’s financial performance, but also its innovation strategy and its sustainability targets.

Marco Miserez

When we analyze a company, we are particularly vigilant about its quality and competitive positioning, whether it is experiencing growth, its innovation policy, and its sustainability targets – all the factors that make it competitive and sustainable. Solvay meets these criteria, and that’s why we include the Group in both our SRI and Innovation funds.

Solvay’s management have a very clear strategy focused on specialty chemicals. Its family roots give it a great advantage because its support is assured on a long-term basis, and this allows it to take on such long-term investments as the Cytec acquisition.

Solvay’s wide and diversified portfolio of activities in polymers and composite materials facilitates synergies and solutions offered to customers. 

We pay attention to the level of indebtedness of the Group. Solvay is clearly going in the right direction, particularly because of the transformation of its portfolio, which allows the creation of value over the economic cycle.

At Candriam we believe in innovation as a driver of growth and profitability, but more importantly in innovation that allows a company to have a sustainable competitive advantage.

€ 5.3

bn underlying net debt

Tanguy du Monceau

  • Family shareholder

Tanguy du Monceau

With Solvay Way, the Group has put sustainability at the core of its innovation-driven business, creating value for shareholders and for all stakeholders. The fact that employees benefit from a bonus linked to sustainability is very innovative. Taking the carbon footprint into account in the acquisition process as well as in product development is a great innovation, one that will be reinforced in the coming years. Governance, ethics, and transparency are key for us. It is important that the Group communicates what it is doing and how well it is doing accurately.

I want Solvay to be a best-in-class company in the chemical sector in the coming years.