The Leadership Team consists of GBU Presidents, General Managers of Functions, and Zone Presidents. 

GBU Management

As of April 1, 2018

Renato Boaventura (photo)

Renato Boaventura


Emmanuel Butstraen (photo)

Emmanuel Butstraen*


Pascal Chalvon (photo)

Pascal Chalvon-Demersay

Energy Services

Christophe Clemente (photo)

Christophe Clemente

Soda Ash & Derivatives

Georges Crauser (photo)

Georges Crauser


Mike Finelli

Specialty Polymers

Rodrigo Elizondo

Special Chem

Vincent Kamel (photo)

Vincent Kamel

Performance Polyamides

Carmelo Lo Faro (photo)

Carmelo Lo Faro

Composite Materials

Daniela Manique


An Nuyttens (photo)

An Nuyttens


Peter Browning

Aroma Performance

Mike Radossich (photo)

Mike Radossich*

Technology Solutions

Function Management

As of April 1, 2018

Alexis Brouhns (photo)

Alexis Brouhns

& Public Affairs

Guillaume Bucco (photo)

Guillaume Bucco

Multi-Business Unit Commercial Network

Cécile Canet-Teil (photo)

Cécile Canet-Teil


Pascal Chalvon (photo)

Pascal Chalvon-Demersay

Sustainable Development

Marc Chollet (photo)

Marc Chollet*


Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux (photo)

Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux*

Research & Innovation

Quitterie de Pelleport (photo)

Quitterie de Pelleport

Legal & Compliance

Michel Defourny (photo)

Michel Defourny

Corporate Secretary

Alain Faessler (photo)

Alain Faessler


Karim Hajjar (photo)

Karim Hajjar*


Xavier Lancksweirt (photo)

Xavier Lancksweirt

Business Services

Kristian Saksida (photo)

Kristian Saksida

Purchasing & Supply Chain 

Cécile Tandeau de Marsac (photo)

Cécile Tandeau de Marsac*

Human Resources

Augusto Di Donfrancesco*

Excellence Center

Zone Management

As of April 1, 2018

Alexis Brouhns (photo)

Alexis Brouhns


Michael Lacey (photo)

Michael Lacey

North America

José Matias (photo)

José Matias

Latin America


*Management Committee member
The Solvay Management Committee also includes the members of the Executive Committee.