The value created by Solvay is based on more than financial performance alone. We are developing an agile, customer-centric organization and a stronger business model to create sustainable value for our stakeholders. Our approach is to optimize the use of our resources to create financial, environmental, social, and economic wealth.

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Sustainable value creation (graphic)

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Resources we use

An advanced materials and specialty chemicals company

Value we create

Industrial applications


of net sales
  • Industrial & protective coatings
  • Metal & surface treatment
  • Industrial equipment protection
  • Printing, inks & adhesives

Consumer goods and Healthcare


of net sales
  • Consumer goods
  • Healthcare

Building and Construction


of net sales
  • Energy savings
  • Resource efficiency
  • Protection & safety

Automotive and Aerospace


of net sales
  • Lightweighting
  • Electrification
  • Powertrain efficiency
  • Green technologies

Resources and Environment


of net sales
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Energy solutions
  • Environmental protection

Electrical and Electronics


of net sales
  • Design & connectivity
  • Safety
  • Process efficiency

Agro, Feed and Food


of net sales
  • Agriculture
  • Feed
  • Food

How we do business

Three key behaviors

We focus on three key behaviors that give impulse to a new mindset and increase customer-centricity and our capacity to innovate faster: I trust, I take smart risks, I focus on customer needs.

Solvay Way

This defines the Group’s approach to sustainability, governs all our operations, and ensures that we act responsibly at all times.

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Code of Conduct

This lays down a series of principles that define the standards of ethics and integrity in the workplace, in doing business, and as a corporate citizen.

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An advanced materials and specialty chemicals company

We have leading positions on fast-growing markets where we provide innovative tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Advanced materials

Innovation-driven businesses in composites and specialty polymers, providing solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweighting, CO2, and energy efficiency.

Advanced formulations

Customized specialty formulations for surface chemistry and liquid behavior, maximizing yield and efficiency, and minimizing eco-impact.

Performance chemicals

Leading positions in chemical intermediates through scale and technology, developing applications and industrial innovation for optimized costs.

Innovative solutions for our markets