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Working in collaboration, we can create packaging solutions to help Solvay become more valuable to its customers.

Pete Watson

Pete Watson

  • CEO, Greif

Greif is one of Solvay’s principal suppliers of industrial packaging. The American-based company recently received a Gold rating from EcoVadis for its sustainability performance. Solvay selected Greif for a Key Supplier Management program now being piloted.

Pete Watson

I appreciate the quality of the dialog and relationship between Solvay and Greif. We have put together cross-functional teams to solve problems, create value, and better understand each other’s strategic needs.

We are one of Solvay’s key suppliers, which points to a collaborative relationship in planning and setting goals. I appreciate the fact that Solvay allows us to assist it in achieving its sustainability goals. Being strongly challenged in this area has helped us progress, and we are now a gold-level performer in CSR ratings.

Solvay challenges us strongly in order to meet its needs. We’re focused on what is important to Solvay. This will allow us to collaboratively create more value for Solvay throughout their supply chain.

In the future, I hope we can further improve our dialog outside the sourcing/selling relationship and become more involved in Solvay’s strategic thinking. This will allow us to collaboratively create more value for Solvay throughout its supply chain.

Supply chain management

EGGER Group (Austria)

“We stand for the responsible use of the raw material wood”

Frédéric Colin
Wood Purchasing Manager France, EGGER Rambervillers

Our partnership with Solvay meets all our expectations: we share the same conviction and the same commitment with regard to the environment. We appreciate the spirit of collaboration and the good relations established with the Group, which are necessary to ensure that this is an enduring collaboration. 

For the Egger Group, which manufactures decorative wood-based panels for the furniture industry, sustainable development is a fundamental principle. All our sites are integrated to create a closed circuit, from the tree to the finished product. This “win-win” partnership enables us to commercialize by-products of our activity (sawdust pellets) and to help Solvay reduce its environmental footprint, by using this biomass as fuel at its neighboring site in Dombasle.

Greenhouse gas emissions

CO2 emissions reduced by


tons at Dombasle site in 2017