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I received 100% paid maternity leave for 14 full weeks under the Solvay Cares policy, which is unheard of in the US!

Keri Williams

Keri Williams

  • Manager, Alpharetta site, Georgia, United States

In 2017, the Group signed four key collective agreements at global level with employee representatives from the major countries where we operate. With Solvay Cares, Solvay is one of the few companies to guarantee minimum social benefits for employees in all countries.

Keri Williams


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One of the things that I love most about working for Solvay is the value placed on the employee as a whole person, not just in relation to his or her work performance. I feel that employees’ outside lives are respected and appreciated. The Solvay Cares program allowed me to enjoy an extended time with my new baby. This has meant so much to me and my family, and I am really grateful!

I have worked for other companies, but nowhere has been quite like Solvay. It’s great to have management that promotes my professional development, which is a priority for the Group. I am proud to work for an organization with a rich legacy of innovation in so many different domains.

Solvay Cares covers four areas

Maternity, co-parent and adoption leave


weeks for mothers

Life insurance

up to 2

years of salary for the family

Medical care


coverage of expenses

Disability insurance


years of income protection

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Recruitment, development and retention

Albert Kruft

  • Coordinator of the Solvay Global Forum of union representatives

Albert Kruft

In 2017, we took our decade-long collaboration with IndustriALL, the global union for the chemicals industry, one step further. We believe good industrial relations helps us to reach solutions. At Solvay we have clear rules: employees are informed about strategic decisions and encouraged to give feedback. Understanding the Group’s intentions helps instill trust and increases motivation.

We are proud of the Solvay Global Forum, which we formally created this year. This is an innovative and very efficient body that meets to discuss and propose improvements at Group level.

We are the only chemical company to run annual audits of local sites with IndustriALL, enabling social dialog at grassroots level and encouraging employees to speak up if they need to.

One of the most significant measures signed by the Global Forum is the Solvay Cares program, a pioneering initiative as it is the first time in the international chemicals industry that a program of this type has been signed with the unions.

We also fully support the Global Performance Sharing Plan, which was renewed this year. It makes all our employees feel they are recognized as part of the Solvay family.

Of course, there is room for improvement: for instance, offering employees the chance of becoming shareholders in the Group. That’s what we are aiming for next!



of employees covered by collective agreement



US sites visited by IndustriALL

Solvay Global Forum

1 week

meeting + Quartely calls / year

Global Performance Sharing Plan

€ 12

million in 2017

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