Sustainability management encompasses how Solvay integrates social, societal, environmental, and economic factors into its management, strategy, decision-making, and operating practices to create value that stands the test of time.

For Solvay, this means acting responsibly, innovating, generating value for our key stakeholders, and contributing broadly to science and society.

This section covers management’s approach to topics in a number of key areas: the Solvay Way approach and management; the circular economy; Health, Safety and Environment management; product stewardship; Life-Cycle-Assessments; and Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM).

Integrated thinking, or how Solvay measures value

The Group has progressively developed its approach to integrated thinking, which now involves many steps:

  • Integrating the most material social and environmental key performance indicators into operational dashboards and into strategic planning, budgeting, and decision-making processes;
  • Incorporating the most material financial, social, and environmental key performance indicators into Solvay’s sustainable value creation model;
  • Adapting Solvay’s reporting to integrated reporting principles and elements of contents.