• The majority of members are non-executive independent directors;
  • The Chairman of the Executive Committee is invited to meetings, except in the case of matters that concern him personally;
  • The Secretary is Mr. Michel Defourny, Group Corporate Secretary.


  • Seven meetings were held in 2018;
  • Meeting attendance was 94.7%.


The Nomination Committee gives its opinion on appointments to the Board of Directors (chairman, new members, renewals, and committees), to Executive Committee positions (chairmanship and members), and to general management positions.

In 2018, the Nomination Committee focused its activity on the CEO succession process with the help of a specialized external international consultant. The board decided to set up an ad hoc committee called the "Search Committee" (3 members), in charge of the day-to-day process (14 meetings, 100% attendance). In addition, the Nomination Committee reviewed the current composition of the Board, keeping in mind the overall tenure as well as the skills required on the Board to drive Solvay’s long-term strategy. To this end, the Nomination Committee considered that the current composition of the Board was sufficiently refreshed over the recent years through the addition of new Board members with skills relevant for Solvay.

The process involved:

  • Definition of the CEO profile based on Group strategy and future challenges;
  • Identification of internal and external candidates;
  • External assessment of all candidates;
  • Multiple interactions with the Board of Directors; and
  • A decision by the Board of Directors and announcement of the new CEO on October 9.