Risk description

An accident in connection with hazardous chemical transportation poses the risk of injury to neighbors or the public.

Prevention and mitigation actions

  • Internal e-learning courses on transport safety;
  • Global network of dangerous goods safety advisors;
  • Global qualification process for dangerous goods carriers;
  • Development of internal procedures and guidelines based on the transport safety recommendations of associations such as CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), EUROFLUOR (European Technical Committee for Fluorine), and HFIPI (Hydrogen Fluorine Industry Practices Institute);
  • Implementation of programs such as Responsible Care®;
  • Follow up of transport accidents with development of corrective actions and learning lessons bulletins;
  • Worldwide emergency response helpline (level 1, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) in the language of the caller.

2018 main actions

Continuing Solvay transport safety program to reinforce preventive actions.