Innovating for our markets

Solvay’s portfolio has been refocused on specialized solutions that serve fast-growing markets driven by strong sustainability trends – Next Generation Mobility and Resources Efficiency.

Our unique portfolio of high performance polymers and composite technologies solutions are used primarily in sustainable mobility applications such as Automotive and Aerospace. And our Advanced Formulations provide customized specialty formulations that influence surface chemistry and liquid behavior to optimize efficiency and yield while minimizing environmental impact. They serve markets such as Mining, Oil & Gas and Agro. Half of the Group’s sales are generated on markets related to sustainable mobility and resources efficiency. Our Advanced Materials are also used on Electronics, Healthcare and Industrial markets and our Advanced Formulations serve Food and Consumer goods markets as well. Our Performance Chemicals activities serve Consumer goods, Food, Industrial and Construction markets.

Automotive & Aerospace

Cleaner mobility


of net sales

Growing concerns about sustainability and stringent regulations on CO2 and particulate emissions are driving the automotive and aerospace industries to develop more sustainable mobility systems. We help make transportation cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient.

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For lighter vehicles with lower fuel consumption and emissions, composite materials are an innovative alternative to metal and solid plastic structures. Solvay is uniquely positioned in thermoplastic composites with the best-in-class portfolio in specialty polymers and composite technologies.

Specialty polymers like KetaSpire® PEEK, with excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, can replace metal. These polymers enhance the efficiency of composite manufacturing, making them cost-effective for high-volume production.

Among our aerospace solutions, PR® 520 is a structural resin used to manufacture engine blades and fan cases with lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, noise levels and maintenance costs. And Solvay’s breakthrough adhesive technology FusePly™ offers improved bonding of composite structures for more reliable aircraft structures.


Batteries with higher energy density enabling faster charge with greater power and lower cost are vital to the future of electromobility. Our solutions meet the highest safety, temperature and chemical resistance requirements, and so address the needs of the entire battery system. Our fluorinated materials for advanced lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and our Energain® technologies enable the operation of next generation Li-ion batteries at higher voltage for higher energy density.

A high-performance material for Li-ion batteries, Solef® PVDF is a polymer with excellent thermomechanical and chemical properties. As a partially fluorinated material, it is particularly stable, for enhanced safety performance.

Powertrain efficiency

In all types of powertrains, the engine and transmission system offer significant potential for energy efficiency improvements. Our specialty polymers like Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS help to build more fuel-efficient internal combustion engines, manage the intense heat of down-sized engines, and develop hybrid electric vehicles that combine gasoline engines and electric motors in order to achieve the best balance of fuel economy and demand on batteries. Nocolok® Flux, a high-quality fluxing agent used for brazing aluminum components, is an industry standard for aluminum heat exchangers.

Green technologies

Our silica products designed for tire manufacturers can reduce rolling resistance by up to 25%, for 7% lower fuel consumption. Our latest innovative grade, Premium SW, offers high performances for truck tires. This is the first Solvay silica to surpass Carbon Black capacity in rolling resistance, while maintaining equivalent tire durability. Catalytic converters minimize pollutant emissions and their performance is boosted by several Solvay products, including Optalys®, for modern engines like hybrids or GDIs, making them a key contributor to meeting increasingly stringent emissions targets.

Less fuel, more efficiency

Replacing metal and solid plastic structures by composite materials in car manufacturing makes vehicles lighter, reducing their fuel consumption and thus their emissions. SolvaLite™ composites are up to 40% lighter than metal and cure much faster than traditional composites. That also means more efficient production and enhanced cost-effectiveness in high-volume production runs.

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Resources & Environment

Affordable resources and environmental protection


of net sales

Solvay’s sustainable solutions for the oil & gas, mining, energy generation and energy storage sectors help its customers offer energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services to end-consumers.

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Energy solutions

Solvay has developed various products and technologies for renewable energy production. In solar power, our innovations include protective films for photovoltaic panels, and our wind power solutions range from seals and cables to epoxy compounds for wind turbine blades. We also offer solutions for biomass & gas co-generation and are developing technologies that meet the specific needs of battery manufacturers, with a number of R&I projects underway.

Environmental Protection

To address the requirements of more challenging regulations, our solutions support air and water treatment and soil remediation, using filtration, gas separation, absorption, and chemical reactions.

Oil & Gas

Solvay’s broad portfolio offers more efficient, sustainable products that reduce the overall cost of operations and use fewer resources, including fresh water, and we also design personalized solution packages to meet the challenging needs of our customers. Examples include Solvay’s line of high-performance friction reducers and Tiguar® guar derivatives, a sustainable solution that allows customers to stimulate wells with recycled waters and in extreme conditions. Our Rhodibloc® cement additives provide superior fluid loss and gas migration control to ensure well integrity, while Solvay’s Clearbreak® demulsifiers help separate produced water from oil to allow for recycling.


Today’s mining operations face the dual challenge of maintaining or increasing production and reducing consumption of resources like water and energy. In parallel, the reagents used to extract metals and minerals must meet stringent safety and environmental requirements. Solvay’s specialty mining reagents help our customers meet these challenges and reduce operating costs in the recovery of many metals and minerals, including copper, alumina, gold, silver, uranium, nickel/cobalt and polymetallic ores. Our specialty reagents for mining separations ensure enhanced recovery of metals, and our Interox® hydrogen peroxide detoxifies water elements after metal extraction. Our Cyanex® reagents, for example offer improved separation in solvent extraction for cobalt and more efficient processing for lithium, at a time when demand for copper, lithium, nickel & cobalt for batteries is high and as the trend toward electrification continues to grow.

Solvair® contributes to a cleaner and safer environment

Solvay’s Solvair® range treats the gases emitted by multiple industries, in particular thanks to our sodium-based sorbent, produced worldwide. One of our solutions, Solvair® Marine, is particularly innovative. This sulfur oxide scrubber system complies with all existing and upcoming regulation, removes 99% of particles, does not release wastewater back to the sea and can be installed without dry docking. It also facilitates residue treatment on land.

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Consumer goods & healthcare

Improving the quality of life


of net sales

Consumer behavior is changing as populations in mature economies age and the middle classes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America grow. Consumers want easy-to-use, multifunctional solutions that are tailor-made, safe and sustainable, offer an enhanced consumer experience, a positive impact on health and well-being and a low impact on the environment. They also want to benefit from the best of digital and enhanced connectivity.

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Consumer goods

From smart textiles and pulp paper to personal & home care, our broad portfolio offers innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions. These include Amni Soul Eco®, the world’s first biodegradable polyamide yarn, a major sustainable breakthrough for the whole textile industry, decomposing quickly when disposed of in landfills. Another example is ReGeN-oPhyt®, derived from pure, colorless phytoene found in jojoba oil. This innovative skin care solution enhances regeneration and repair, using a unique process inspired by nature. In home care, the bio-based line Augeo® offers solvents that are non-toxic to humans and the environment and have high solubility power in cleaner formulations and fragrances.


Our broad selection of high-performance polymers is used in orthopedics, medical devices and equipment, surgical instruments and implantable devices. Radel® PPSU and Kalix® HPPA polymers are used for medical equipment housings and components. They have exceptional properties that readily withstand the strong disinfectants now used to prevent the spread of hospital acquired infections. Our RhodaPhos® Phos Reagent is a high-purity, phosphorus-based chemistry used to manufacture oligonucleotides, an essential component of antisense drugs prescribed in severe genetic disorders such as Huntington’s disease, Crohn’s disease and cancer.

Single-use spinal surgery kits that fight infection

Today, stronger disinfectants are used to clean medical equipment housings to help prevent the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections. Standard materials may crack and break, but Solvay’s range of specialty polymers have the chemical resistance to withstand repeated exposure. Our Ixef® PARA is also increasingly used for single-use spinal surgery kits that are more effective in enhancing operating room efficiency and helping eliminate the root causes of surgical site infections than reusable instrumentation.

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Agro, Feed & Food

Sustainable living and environmental protection


of net sales

The growing global population requires greater agricultural yields and better resource management. Solvay’s portfolio of innovative solutions supports customers from farmers to food processors, helping them operate responsibly and sustainably.

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Agriculture and the crop protection sector are facing the challenge of using greener solutions to build the future of farming. They must integrate seed treatments and nutrients to boost germination, adding biologicals as a new tool and leveraging data and digital technology as enablers. Demanding regulations and crop resistance issues are also impacting this sector. AgRHO® N50 Protect treats urea fertilizers cost effectively and sustainably and helps European growers meet regulations limiting volatilization due to urea. We also offer pioneering automation and digital technology, including on-target drift control adjuvants for agricultural spray drones, with AgRHO® Aero-mate 320 available on China’s main e-commerce platforms.


Solvay offers a range of highly efficient feed supplements for livestock used for the prevention and control of diseases. They also optimize the flow of nutrients that are essential for animal health. Tixosil® 38A is a silica product that enhances the flow of powders incorporating vitamins such as vitamin E and so makes them easier to process and transport. Adding a natural source of sodium, Bicar®Z, into the feed ration to continuously regulate the pH of the rumen can improve the productive performance of animals by maintaining a suitable acid-base equilibrium. In the aquaculture industry, where parasitic diseases can seriously affect production, we have developed a solution made of oxygenated water, Paramove®, that removes sea lice from salmon, leaving only oxygen and water in the environment. The Aqualisan® program has been launched in Asia to improve shrimp survival rate and enables farmers to achieve a higher harvest weight.


Consumers are demanding healthier, more natural and more convenient food. Solvay offers the food industry a wide range of products for food preparation, food preservation, healthier living, improved food quality, food safety, and taste enhancement. One key example is Rhovanil® Natural CW, the reference in natural vanillin. Bio-sourced from ferulic acid in non-GMO rice bran, it meets all global regulations on natural flavoring substances and offers both the vanillin note characteristic of vanilla and the advantage of a natural flavor labeling.

A 100% biostimulant seed treatment

Our AgRHO® GSB guar-based formulation offers farmers enhanced production efficiency and reduced use of other agricultural products. It also increases nutritional value and reduces waste. It ensures rapid plant growth and health, for yields of over 20-30%. Macromolecules influence soil properties in the seed and root zone to enhance water and nutrient uptake, boost germination, root development and plant vigor and increase yield per acre. Solvay now has a strategic partnership with seed producer Limagrain and received its 2018 Innovation Award for this breakthrough seed treatment design.

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Electrical & Electronics

Connectivity and high performance


of net sales

Solvay works closely with electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers to ensure that its advanced materials are fully geared to their needs, enabling them to develop new miniaturization technologies and offering them new perspectives in design, safety and energy performance.

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Electronic components

The increased miniaturization, conductivity and complexity of electronic components means greater demands on materials, especially for high temperature operation and dimensional stability.

Our broad range of high-purity phosphorus-based chemistries – such as those within the Cytop® family of products – are used in the manufacture of quantum dots for displays and other applications, such as general lighting and solar and medical imaging.


The semiconductors market is growing fast. The pace is driven by data centers, IOT and mobile technology, and customers require materials offering high levels of purity, temperature resistance and chemical resistance. As device geometries grow smaller, production of next generation semiconductors requires ever more advanced cleaning solutions and our Interox® Pico hydrogen peroxide is the reference on this market. Chip manufacturers need to ensure clean rooms stay clean and prefer to use our high temperature resistant materials.

Smart devices

Today, smart sensing is driving market growth in smart devices and components, including premium smartphones with advanced functionalities such as infinity display, AI, or 5G. The higher demand for miniaturization, multi-function, enhanced performance is creating opportunities for specialty materials, like Solvay’s Kalix® HPPA. Designed for structural components used in smart mobile electronic devices, this high-performance polyamide provides high strength, rigidity and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing. Another example is Solmyra™, which is ideal for haptic applications and offers UV and stain resistance and enhanced productivity for wearables OEMs looking for rapid time to market for premium quality wearable brands.

Purer raw materials for semiconductors

Phosphine gas is essential in the manufacture of products from computers to LED lights. As the world-leading phosphine supplier, Solvay faces increasing demand and stringent requirements, including the need for high purity. Our two grades of phosphine, CypureE® and CypureE® Ultra, offer purity levels close to 100%, achieved by rigorous attention to detail at every stage, from manufacturing to transportation.

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Industrial Applications

Efficiency and value


of net sales

Manufacturers must comply with ever-stricter regulations and rely on innovations for more efficient processes and more competitive products. They are also facing constraints on resources, including reduced energy and water consumption, and increased demand for sustainability.

Our materials and solutions help them operate more responsibly and give their products longer lifetimes, creating more sustainable value.

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Industrial & protective coatings

Solvay offers a wide range of binders, solvents, pigments and additives and is constantly developing formulations to provide benefits based on surface modifications: enhanced surface wetting, improved adhesion to substrates, better color development, strong corrosion protection, and resistance to aggressive fluids.

Metal & surface treatment

We create ingredients and formulated products that modify and clean the surface of several metallic and organic substrates, improving the performance of finished products and enhancing their shelf life. With Rhodoclean® we have expanded our range of low foam and low temperature industrial cleaners, while AddibondTM is a new product line for adhesive bonding and adhesion of paint to metal.

Industrial equipment protection

The high demands of industrial equipment require resistance to corrosion, temperature and aggressive chemicals. Solvay has created and formulated specific polymer products that can even replace certain metals under particularly harsh conditions of use. Our solutions offer excellent resistance to UV irradiation, chemicals, fire and abrasion, and have applications in many industries. They are widely used in anti-corrosion applications, such as linings, or in self-supporting constructions like piping.

Sustainability and efficiency combined

Fluxing agents are an essential part of road construction, temporarily reducing the viscosity of the bitumen to improve ease of use. Solvay’s InnRoad™ Protect meets the road paving industry’s need for greener, safer technologies, combining sustainability and efficiency like no other fluxing agent on the market and offering a tighter boiling range for faster evaporation, faster recovery of bitumen properties and quicker cohesion build up.

Solvay has won the prestigious Grand Prize in the Vinci Innovation Awards for developing this breakthrough fluxing agent. This prize reflects our technical expertise, our teams dedication to finding the appropriate solution and our way of energizing the partnership.

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Building & Construction

Sustainability and energy efficiency


of net sales

Demand is growing for longer-lasting buildings that consume less energy, include safe water management and enhance their users’ well-being. Our solutions focus on increasingly stringent environmental performance certification systems in passive residential and commercial buildings.

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Energy Savings

Buildings represent 40% of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We help develop solutions for energy-saving triple-glazed windows with soda ash, and for foam wall coverings to maintain comfortable temperatures in near-zero-energy housing. Our Alve-One™ sustainable foaming solutions help producers of thermoplastics and elastomers achieve the specific properties they are seeking for their plastics, including insulation, strength, and light weight. We also offer easy-to-use and very long-lasting products for cooling and heating systems.

Protection & Safety

Urbanization is a megatrend that continues to create increasing demand for high quality, sustainably produced paints and coatings throughout the world. Increased sustainability and added functionality are the big themes in the coatings industry. Solvay offers APE1-free and VOC2-free and Ecolabel products, enabling customers to convert from solvent-borne coatings systems to waterborne formulations, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our Sipomer® PAM and WAM range of additives offers excellent corrosion resistance and exceptional adhesion to difficult substrates, such as aluminum, cold steel, glass, concrete, aged alkyd, wood, and plastic in waterborne systems.

Resource efficiency

Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce in many countries, and so the watering of plants, trees, and green facades in cities often relies on reused rainwater, creating a growing need for our plastic piping and fittings for water and drainage.

1 Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate

2 Volatile Organic Compounds

Thermal and UV protection excellence

Buildings represent 40% of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and demand is growing for more sustainable residential and commercial buildings that consume less energy and enhance their users’ well-being. Our Cyasorb Cynergy Solutions® UV stabilizers prolong the life of construction materials and ensure durability. They also provide optimal performance under severe UV and thermal conditions.

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