Embedding sustainability

Sustainability is a key asset for the Group, driving the success of Solvay’s strategy and performance, and a top priority for our leadership and all of our people. It is firmly embedded in our strategy and our decisions, every day. This puts us in a strong position to seize the new opportunities that arise as the move towards a more sustainable economy continues.

Driving sustainability

Board of Directors & Executive Committee Definition of strategy and monitoring

Board of Directors & Executive Committee

The Board is the leading sponsor of Solvay’s sustainability approach.

  • CSR risks are an integral part of the company’s risk management process and reviewed by the Risk Committee.
  • The Audit Committee now reviews all data, both financial and extra-financial.

The Executive Committee:

  • Determines strategy, approves targets (including the new 2018 CO2 objective).
  • Monitors execution, including the results of the annual Solvay Way self-assessment.
  • Karim Hajjar, CFO, was appointed to supervise sustainability at the Executive Committee level in 2018, reinforcing the integration of sustainability into financial value creation.
  • The Climate Supervisor, Vincent De Cuyper, ensures that climate issues are factored into all key strategic decisions taken by the Group.

Corporate Sustainable Development function Coordination and supervision

Corporate Sustainable Development function

  • Reports to the CFO.
  • Consolidates the Solvay Way self-assessment.
  • Presents the results to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

GBUsGlobal Business Units


Deployment to GBUs in 2018 with the identification of Heads of Sustainability in GBU leadership teams:

  • A single point of contact for the leadership team and the GBU President on sustainability topics.
  • With power of decision and a 360° view of the GBU’s strategy and activities, they are responsible for integrating sustainability into the decision-making process.

Solvay Way: Champions and correspondents ensure the deployment of the process in all Solvay sites, GBUs and Corporate Functions:

  • Motivate their colleagues to meet specific targets.
  • Set action plans to improve their processes and practices.

EmployeesDay-to-day action


  • Assess their own progress.
  • Identify areas for improvement for each stakeholder group.
  • Design improvement plans to enhance integration of sustainability in their entities.

Solvay Way, sustainability embedded in every decision

The Solvay Way is the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. It upholds our commitment to making sustainability a fundamental part of our business, ensuring that our stakeholders’ expectations are always integrated into our strategy, operations and decision-making.

Aligned with the ISO 26000 standard, Solvay Way is a tool for both measurement and progress, translating our sustainable development ambitions into concrete actions and clear responsibilities. It lists the practices that ensure we respect our commitments to our stakeholders, so that our managers can assess their progress and identify where they need to improve and how to do so.

The Solvay Way approach and management

Pascal Chalvon-Demersay, Group Chief Sustainability Officer (photo)
There is a clear conviction at Solvay that our growth cannot be achieved at the expense of the planet. As part of our transformation, this conviction has strengthened and sustainability has become an even more fundamental part of Solvay’s corporate culture and of the way our teams work, day by day. One example of how we achieved this is the digital version of the Solvay Way tool. Launched in 2018, it is now easier to access and encourages enhanced collaboration and exchange on sustainability right across the Group.
Pascal Chalvon-Demersay, Group Chief Sustainability Officer