Our sustainable value creation model

We aim to optimize the use of our resources and we leverage our unique Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) tool to integrate sustainability into our decision-making process and create more sustainable value for our stakeholders. Our business model focuses on two growth engines, Advanced Materials and Advanced Formulations, that serve fast-growing markets driven by sustainability trends – Next generation mobility and Resources efficiency – and deliver 70% of the Group's Ebitda. Our resilient Performance Chemicals businesses contribute to support our growth.

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Resources we use


100 nationalities. 49% of our employees are located in Europe, 18% in Asia and rest of the world, 23% in North America and 10% in South America. 8% work in Research & Innovation.

24,500 Employees1

23% of women


We have invested €711 million of Capex from continuing operations and €352 million in our Research & Innovation activities.

€8 bn Equity attributable to Solvay share

€5.1 bn Underlying net debt


Our energy costs represented €0.65 bn. Excluding energy, the Group overall raw materials expenses amounted to circa €2.8 bn in 2018.

127 pjEnergy consumption

488 M m3Total water intake

How we
create value


Soda Ash
& Peroxyde


& Composite


& Liquid


Soda Ash & Peroxyde Chemicals

Performance Chemicals operates in mature and resilient markets and has leading positions in chemical intermediates.

Main markets

30%of Group EBITDA


Polymer & Composite Technologies

Advanced Materials offers a unique portfolio of high-performance polymers and composite technologies used primarily in sustainable mobility applications. Our solutions enable weight reduction and enhance performance while improving CO2 and energy efficiency.

Main markets

49%of Group EBITDA


Surface & Liquid Chemistry

Advanced Formulations provides customized specialty formulations that influence surface chemistry and liquid behavior to optimize efficiency and yield while minimizing environmental impact.

Main markets

21%of Group EBITDA

we create value

we win


  • We promote a culture of active listening to customer feedback across all frontline teams, fostering continuous improvement, to quickly create value for our customers.

  • Our Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) analysis tool allows us to engage with customers on the sustainability profile of value chains, and to initiate discussions on the transition to a Circular Economy.

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  • 155 years of scientific and open innovation culture makes them part of our DNA. We have established multiple partnerships with scientific institutes and startups.

  • All our R&I projects are assessed through our SPM tool.

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  • Caring for our people has always been a priority to us. Our Solvay Cares program extends at least minimum level company benefits to all employees worldwide.

  • Our robust Solvay Way framework brings all our people with us on our sustainability journey, ensuring that social and environmental matters are part of the Group’s strategy, and decision-making.

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Value we create

  • Customers

  • Employees

  • Investors & Shareholders

  • Suppliers

  • Environment

  • Local communities

  • Providing Sustainable solutions to Customers

    More than 80% of our portfolio has been assessed through our SPM tool.

    Solvay’s specialty polymers Udel® and Veradel® were specifically developed for hemodialysis membranes used to treat kidney failure. They are steam sterilization, ethylene oxide and e-beam radiation compatible and are also biocompatible, making them the polymers of choice in this demanding healthcare application, used by market leaders around the world.

    50%Net sales with Sustainable solutions

    42%Net Promoter Score

  • Empowering our people

    We are leveraging digital tools to encourage new ways of working that will accelerate our cultural transformation toward more collaboration and empowerment.

    Our new YOU app was co-created using an employee-centric approach by our Digital Lab project team to match our employees' needs and expectations. Launched in 2018, YOU acts as a professional social network, connecting employees to better share expertise, jobs, etc., and help them drive their career path. Progressively, YOU will provide employees with tailor-made information (job offers, training, mobility).

    76%Employee engagement index

    0.542Occupational accidents per million hours worked

    9%Employee turnover

  • Delivering return & profits to Investors & Shareholders

    Dividend growth over 30 years and strong cash generation. We are driven by focus on cash returns.

    €2.2 bnUnderlying EBITDA


    €830 MFCF from continuing operations

    €3.75Dividend 2018 recommended3

  • Strengthening collaboration with suppliers

    We aim to develop collaborative relationships with our major suppliers to help them improve their sustainability performance, contributing to the creation of more valuable solutions for our customers, across the value chain.


    810Critical suppliers

    76%Local suppliers

  • Reducing our environmental footprint

    We are developing initiatives to increase the share of renewables in energy consumption, and promoting energy efficiency through our Solwatt® program.

    Our Baton Rouge plant in Louisiana, USA, is sourcing solar electricity to reduce the environmental impact of its vanillin and Ethylvanillin production and thus, creating additional value to our customers. 75% of the plant’s electricity is supplied by renewable energy from Solvay’s Jasper solar farm in South Carolina. As the farm serves several Solvay plants, its contribution to the reduction of our CO2 emissions is expected to be 80k tons per year.

    5.5Kg CO2 eq. per € EBITDAGreenhouse gas intensity

    32.4thousand tonsIndustrial hazardous waste4

    Air emissions

    7.4thousand tonsNitrogen oxides

    3.7thousand tonsSulfur oxides

  • Supporting our LOCAL COMMUNITIES

    We encourage employees to get involved in local projects that focus on the environment, science, youth and education, solidarity and philanthropy.

    350 employees at our site in Zhangjiagang, China, took part in a donation event for a primary school dedicated to the children of migrant workers. Last September, at the start of the new semester, they provided 155 books and 249 sets of stationery, allowing more than 400 students with relatively difficult living conditions to go to school with the equipment they need.

    33%Employees involved in local societal actions

1 Excluding the Polyamide business
2 Rate of accidents with medical treatment, with or without work stoppage
3 Recommended to the Shareholders meeting on May 14, 2019
4 Not treated in a sustainable way