2019 Annual Integrated Report

Underlying ebitda evolution
FY yoy underlying EBITDA bridge (in € million)

Underlying EBITDA (bar chart)

Full year underlying EBITDA was down -0.4%, and -2.8% organically[3], mostly on lower volumes.

Net pricing contributed +5.5%. Higher prices and cost measures more than compensated for higher raw material and energy prices, which were up primarily in the first half.

Fixed costs were up reflecting the expanded production capabilities in Composite Materials for aerospace, as well as the accounting impact of destocking in response to lower demand in other markets, especially in Specialty Polymers. Inflation was compensated by cost containment measures and lower corporate costs. The simplification plan delivered over €100 million of savings since its launch in 2018.

Equity earnings & other elements reflect the positive contribution from the PVC and peroxide joint ventures and the -0.6% net impact of one-time events. These include a €12 million gain on an energy-related settlement in the second quarter of 2019 versus a €23 million pension-related synergy benefit booked in the same period in 2018.

[3] Organic growth excludes forex conversion and scope effects, as well as the effect from the implementation of IFRS 16. Reported growth compares to the published 2018 pro forma figures, adjusted for the implementation of IFRS 16.