2019 Annual Integrated Report

Solvay ONE Planet

The work done in 2019 on Solvay’s new purpose led us to reconsider the way we look at sustainability, focusing on what Solvay changes in the world (impacts), instead of focusing on transforming Solvay (internal tools and process).

We have identified three main impacts, positive and/or negative, through our products portfolio or our operations:

  • Climate: greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain, energy, but also including other potential impacts on biodiversity
  • Resources: moving from linear business models to circular economy principles: raw materials, wastes, effluents, emissions throughout the value chain
  • Better Life: improving quality of life, in our plants and with our products

Solvay ONE Planet requires us to better quantify the positive impacts we can have through our products portfolio, i.e. avoided greenhouse gas emissions, alignment to circular economy principles. Solvay ONE planet also requires us to walk the talk, and address the impacts of our operations in line with the planet and society’s expectations.

We also want to embark our workforce, to allow them to have an impact on climate, resources and better life at all possible levels, and we want to become a reference open company, with a welcoming and caring organization.

Solvay ONE Planet objectives

Integrated thinking, or how Solvay measures value

The Group has progressively developed its approach to integrated thinking, which involves many steps:

  • Integrating the most material social and environmental key performance indicators into operational dashboards and into strategic planning, budgeting, and decision-making processes;
  • Incorporating the most material financial, social, and environmental key performance indicators into Solvay’s sustainable value creation model;
  • Adapting Solvay’s reporting to integrated reporting principles and elements of contents.