2019 Annual Integrated Report

GRI Disclosures

An Induction Program is in place for the new Directors and open to each Director who wishes to participate.

The program includes a review of the Group’s strategy and activities and of the main challenges in terms of growth, competitiveness and innovation, as well as finance, research & innovation, human resources management, legal context, corporate governance, compliance and the general organization of operations.

Site visits are also part of the programme, combining meetings with management and local teams, business presentations and field tours.

In 2019, the Board made a one week trip to the USA with a focus on Specialty Polymers and Composite activities. The Directors met local operational teams as well as leadership teams and young talents. These site visits gave the opportunity to the Board members to connect with Solvay’s industrial and R&I team and to take the Group’s pulse from the ground.

Every year the Board dedicates a specific session to an update on trends in global sustainable development issues (the Group’s strengths and weaknesses, including climate change risks and opportunities) that impact the Group, its actions, and its performance – including progress on Solvay’s five priorities, ratings by sustainable rating agencies, the Solvay Way auto-evaluation, and the Integrated Report.

The setting up of a new ambition for sustainability to create a shared and sustainable future for all at Solvay has been discussed this year.