2019 Annual Integrated Report
Anan, Japan
Cleaning debris off a coastal area around the site.
People are at the heart of Solvay’s Purpose. We build bonds between them so that all can make progress toward a better future. Our 24,000 people aspire to that ambition and together they have proven their power when they act as ONE Solvay. When they direct their combined energy to a shared goal, serving society together, for one Citizen Day.

What’s the story?

Solvay teams across the world took action as one to serve their communities last September. For the first time, all Group sites were invited to organize a Citizen Day around one single theme, inspired by the UN Climate Action Summit: preserving the environment. A total of 168 sites, representing 94% of all Group employees, volunteered to take part in concrete, locally run projects, working closely with stakeholders including local charities and associations, administrations or NGOs. It spoke to our shared sense of purpose and showed the potential of our shared impact when we – all 24,000 of us – joined forces at the service of our communities, as ONE Solvay.

“Such concerted yet locally diverse actions on a global scale raise awareness about how we can – as individuals, as teams, as a company – care for the one planet we all share. Together, we have 24,000 opportunities to make a difference.”

Ilham Kadri,Solvay CEO


sites acrosss the world



Who and how?

In China, in Bulgaria, in the USA, France, Thailand, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, the UK or Canada, around the world, Solvay sites selected topics, organized teams, contacted stakeholders, came together to make a difference. As they went, they shared their efforts, but also their stories, their photos, their videos to keep up the buzz and mirror the momentum, the enthusiasm and commitment on all our sites. We created Awards for the initiatives with the strongest impact and invited twelve employee jury members to have their say, looking at employee participation, environmental impact, innovation and ambition. The jurors handed their shortlist to CEO Ilham Kadri and the winner was... two winners! The 1st prize went to Zhenjiang in China and Alpharetta in the US, as both plants’ initiatives were equally impressive.

“Seeing and feeling the spirit of friendship, community, and positive energy among Solvay employees was amazing. We could see how much impact we could bring to our community by motivating each other and working together. The Solvay Citizen Day truly gave us a sense of pride to feel that we are all citizens of the bigger, world community.”

Kermit Kwan,Technology Scouting R&D Manager, Alpharetta, USA, Laureate

What we achieved

Nearly all sites worldwide and Group employees came together to serve their communities – an inspiring symbol of the Solvay spirit!

The local initiatives were as diverse as our teams: cleaning, planting, visiting schools and teaching children, changing behaviors like switching to eco-friendly bags and from plastic bottles. Our teams leapt at the chance to make a real sustainable difference and our communities valued Solvay’s stance as an active citizen in local life.

We are already looking ahead to next year’s Citizen Day, planning a new theme. And we aim to make our impact even stronger by making it measurable.

“It is impressive to see so many people engaged in making a difference in such creative ways. These actions show us how teamwork can produce significant results and that is exactly Solvay’s spirit.”

Carolina Brigagao,Senior Lawyer, Solvay Brazil, and Citizen Day Jury Member

“What a great source of inspiration and positive energy! I am amazed by the power of more than 24,000 people pulling together for a shared goal, all at the same time and in a pragmatic way. Let’s raise the bar even higher next year!”

Thomas Andro,Head of Solvay Way, and Citizen Day Project Leader

Bonding for greener energy

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