2019 Annual Integrated Report

Business environment

In step with powerful business trends

GRI Disclosures

Our world is growing: its population, its urban areas, its wealth. This growth brings with it a threat to our planet: we are consuming its resources at an unsustainable rate. In this challenging context, global megatrends like Evolving demography & consumer behavior, Innovation acceleration, Resources constraints & increasing demand for sustainability, remain pivotal for Solvay.

Chemistry is a core component of products and solutions used everywhere, every day. At Solvay, we have realigned our portfolio to offer innovations to help meet these global challenges and stay in step with the powerful business trends driving growth in our end-markets. Our world needs solutions that will secure our children’s access to natural resources. Solvay is, and will remain, part of those solutions.

Transformed to tackle a complex world

Several end-markets remained volatile in 2019, displaying contrasting dynamics: challenging in automotive, electronics and oil & gas; supportive in aerospace, soda ash and peroxide. As the world faces a paradigm shift, Solvay’s fundamentals enable us to look toward with confidence. We have been transforming our portfolio and today we are focused on fast-growing end-markets, benefiting from reduced exposure to business cycles and a balanced geographical footprint. We are in position to seize various opportunities allowing us to enhance our performance by leveraging all the Group’s assets, including our motivated teams.