2019 Annual Integrated Report

In step with powerful business trends

Eco-friendly based solutions




Consumer behaviors are shifting towards wellness, with a desire for a better quality of life with a healthier work-life balance, reduced stress and higher quality food. These new priorities often mean a preference for organic, natural solutions.


CAGR growth in natural vanillin by 20243


CAGR growth in waterborne coatings by 20253


CAGR growth in organic shampoos through 20253

Challenges for customers

The key challenge within this trend today is the higher cost of eco-friendly based solutions compared to fossil-based technologies.

Opportunities for Solvay

  • Solvay is a leader in bio-based ingredients.
    • We have developed the reference in natural vanillin, produced by bioconversion of natural raw materials.
    • We are the world leader in chemical modification of guar. Guar gum is extracted from the seeds of the guar plant and used in markets such as agro & nutrition and home & personal care.
  • Our waterborne coatings solutions address the challenges of adhesion to difficult substrates, anticorrosion, hydrophobicity and overall durability, specifically in the direct-to-metal segment, metal structures and shipping containers. We work closely with customers on novel APE1- & VOC2-free and odor-free products that meet their needs for binders, colorings and performance.

A Solvay solution

As sustainable solvents are the fastest-growing segment on the market, the Augeo® line of bio-sourced solvents is truly taking off. Developed for cleaning products and fragrances, Augeo® is non-toxic, biodegradable and produced sustainably; an alternative to traditional petro-chemistry. Indeed, Augeo® is based on glycerin, a colorless and odorless substance well known for its use as a moisture preserver in the food industry, and therefore completely harmless for people and the environment.

1: Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates, 2: Volatile Organic Compounds, 3: Solvay internal research