2019 Annual Integrated Report

In step with powerful business trends





Healthcare and wellness are becoming a central priority. People want to live longer, healthier lives and feel better, through improved work-life balance and higher quality of life. By end 2020, 75% of the world’s population will have a personalized healthcare plan, and growth in the health and wellness market is expected to continue at an annual rate of >6% in the coming years.


CAGR Growth in medical implant in short-term1


Growth of medical plastics in short-term2

Challenges for customers

Patients are ever more informed about and involved in their healthcare. The social media are increasingly seen as a source of information on health and patients are keen to exercise choice in this area.

Opportunities for Solvay

Solvay is #1 in high-performance polymers technologies, serving a range of markets.

  • We offer biomaterials for long-term exposure applications suitable for implantable devices, orthopedics and dental devices.
  • Our medical grade thermoplastics offer high-performance in implantable and medical devices in limited exposure applications in fields such as surgical instruments, sterilization cases and single use instruments.
  • Our revolutionary, high-heat, high-performance polymers are used for hemodialysis membranes.

A Solvay solution

Until the late 1980s, membranes used to filter blood were made of cellulose acetate, which can have significant, adverse side-effects for patients. After collaborating with the industry leaders to address this problem, Solvay developed a specialized Udel® polysulfone (PSU) polymer used to manufacture hemodialysis membranes, and offering excellent biocompatibility. Today more than 3 million people are being treated with hemodialysis membranes made from Solvay products.

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