2019 Annual Integrated Report


Living sustainability

GRI Disclosures

At Solvay, sustainability is part of who we are. It is in the minds of our scientists and the legacy of our founders. Above all, it is in the hearts of the 24,000 people working across our Group to build a better future for the generations to come. We see sustainability as one of our key assets, driving the success of our strategy, our innovation and performance, and a top priority for our leadership and all of our people.

“Solvay ONE Planet, our 2030 sustainability program, is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we are committed to supporting the UN Global compact principles.”

Ilham Kadri,Solvay CEO

Driving sustainability

Board of Directors & Executive Committee Definition of strategy & monitoring

The Board is the leading sponsor of Solvay’s sustainability approach

  • The Board oversees and approves the Group’s sustainable development commitments.
  • CSR risks are an integral part of the company’s risk management process and are reviewed by the Risk Committee.
  • The Audit Committee now reviews all data, both financial and extra-financial.
  • The Board is trained on sustainability matters annually (see below).

The Executive Committee

  • Determines strategy, approves targets.
  • Monitors execution, including the results of the annual Solvay Way self-assessment.
  • The Sustainability Supervisor, Karim Hajjar (CFO), ensures the integration of sustainability into financial value creation.
  • The Climate Supervisor, Vincent De Cuyper, ensures that climate issues are factored into all key strategic decisions taken by the Group.

Corporate Sustainable Development Function Coordination & supervision

  • Defines and deploys Solvay ONE Planet.
  • Consolidates the Solvay Way self-assessment.
  • Presents the results to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
  • Trains the Board of Directors on sustainability matters.

Global Business Units Deployment in GBUs

Heads of Sustainability in GBU leadership teams

  • A single point of contact for the leadership team and the GBU President on sustainability topics.
  • With power of decision and a 360° view of the GBU’s strategy and activities, they are responsible for integrating sustainability into the decision-making process.

Solvay Way: Champions and correspondents ensure the deployment of the process in all Solvay sites, GBUs and Corporate Functions

  • Motivate their colleagues to meet specific targets.
  • Set action plans to improve their processes and practices.
  • Assess their own progress.
  • Identify areas for improvement for each stakeholder group.
  • Design improvement plans to enhance integration of sustainability in their entities.

EmployeesDay-to-day action


  • Involved in Solvay ONE Planet actions


Updating the Board on global sustainability

For the 4th consecutive year, the Solvay Board took part in an annual workshop on global sustainability issues. The Group’s Sustainability team gave Board members an extensive briefing that invited them to stretch and challenge their thinking. They covered the Group’s strengths and weaknesses, including climate change risks and opportunities, our main KPIs, our progress on Sustainable Development targets and our score in assessments by rating agencies. In a detailed presentation, Board members gained an in-depth understanding of how our new Solvay ONE Planet program that will allow us to advance from a sustainability approach based on implementing robust tools and processes to creating sustainable shared value for all, focusing on the impacts we have on the climate, the resources of our planet and the daily life of its people.