2019 Annual Integrated Report


Building a Purpose-led culture

Solvay ONE Team is a pillar of our Solvay ONE operating model. We have a long tradition of care for our people and we aim to strengthen it even more with a new People Engagement Model. Through one common approach we will build stronger bonds and develop diverse, inclusive and talented teams, defining how we operate, how we manage and how we lead.

Profoundly rooted in our Core Beliefs – Purposeful responsibility; Unity, not uniformity; Passion for performance – our new People Engagement Model is based on a set of behaviors which will build the culture to live our Purpose and achieve our G.R.O.W. strategy.

These behaviors will progressively become part of our day by day life and will be embedded in our performance assessment and compensation processes: they will form the expectations we have of every employee and every leader in our Group.

AT OUR BEST, as Solvay citizens, individually and collectively:

  • We are customer obsessed
    We are relentlessly driven by anticipating the needs of our internal and external customers, keeping our commitments, and focusing on the service, the quality and the sustainable value we bring to them in every decision we make and process we design.
  • We care and collaborate
    We show a genuine interest in people, the planet and human progress, and bond within work groups (of both colleagues and stakeholders) to achieve more together for the success of our customers and the Group.
  • We make it happen
    With an ownership mindset, we are accountable for setting priorities, acting with appropriate urgency, measuring our results in terms of valuable impact, and delivering on our promises every time. We strive to simplify our own work and challenge the complexity of the rest of the organization.
  • We go beyond
    We bring our whole selves to work, ready to go the extra-mile, even beyond our comfort zone, every time there is an opportunity for us to learn or to help a colleague or the Group.

AT OUR BEST, as Solvay leaders top executives and all people managers, from shop floor employees to project leaders –, individually and collectively:

  • We lead with purpose, heart and mind
    We inspire our teams with a clear Purpose and future Vision that contribute to our Group strategy. We gain trust by role modeling care, openness and honesty, and behaving consistently within Solvay’s ethical, professional and organizational guidelines.
  • We passionately coach people to reach their potential
    We build great teams, attracting and retaining top talents, by planning, supporting, and developing our people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they can fulfill their current and future job responsibilities and be the best they can be – all within a true culture of feedback.
  • We learn, unlearn and relearn
    We embrace change and challenge the status quo, considering other possibilities, approaching all situations with curiosity, looking for insights, reinventing and embracing new solutions.

Our Behaviors

“Our new People Engagement Model will build stronger bonds with our people, so they enjoy a great employee experience throughout their career, empowered to bring their whole self to work. They are at the heart of achieving our G.R.O.W. strategy and making our Purpose a living reality.”

Hervé Tiberghien, Member of the Executive Committee, Chief People Officer

Behaviors as leaders

We lead with purpose, heart and mind
We passionately coach people to reach their potential
We learn, unlearn and relearn

Behaviors as Solvay citizens

We are customer obsessed
We care and collaborate
We make it happen
We go beyond