2019 Annual Integrated Report


End-to-end value creation

Before our solutions become part of everyday life, they are modified time and again, from raw materials extraction to production, processing or formulation and assembly. At Solvay, we focus on the links in the value chain where our expertise contributes the most. We work closely with suppliers, partners, brand owners and customers, sharing knowledge to leverage more value. Our new End-to-End Value Chain initiative will take customer service even further and optimize internal resources.


Reinventing an End-to-End Value Chain

We are determined to enhance the efficiency of our value chain to better serve our customers, drive growth and deliver the most value at the lowest possible financial and environmental cost. Our End-to-End Value Chain reinvention initiative aims to reach those goals by identifying hurdles across the board – from suppliers to customers – and reinvent each link to achieve excellence.

The initiative is part of our Solvay ONE operating model, with a cross-functional team working closely with our businesses to assess the value at stake, the costs, the future design of the value chain and the best way to implement Group-wide solutions. We have also agreed to harmonize processes, tools and KPIs. Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit, as the first business embarked, has already begun an in-depth diagnosis to address these challenges in detail, and is now developing a roadmap for improvements to its specific value chain.

“We know we can improve our customers’ experience and become their preferred partner by serving them better. That will help us grow better as a Group, unleashing significant growth and freeing up working capital to invest. And we can perform better with optimized processes, stronger collaboration and a shared vision across the value chain.”

 Tobias Fehre, Program Director End-to-End Value Chain Reinvention