2019 Annual Integrated Report


Winning together as ONE Group

GRI Disclosures

Solvay has embarked on a new chapter in its transformation, a chapter that will allow us to unleash our full potential as a single, coherent group. Our people, our businesses now bond as ONE Group to progress beyond.

To support this unified approach, we have unveiled our Purpose – the why that motivates us to be our best. We have redefined our strategy and designed a new shared operating model – together, these are how we will achieve our goals. And, as ever, we will continue to develop innovative solutions – our what – closely aligned with our customers’ needs and with the key challenges facing our world.

Our Purpose is our ‘WHY’ – why we exist as a company. It captures our greatest impact on society and gives meaning to our work, today and for the next generations.

See Our Purpose

As the foundation for all of our activities, our Purpose comes to life in our business and sustainability strategies, which lay out our ‘HOW’– how we will create sustainable shared value for all, including our employees, customers and shareholders, within the next business cycle of 5-10 years.

See Our G.R.O.W. strategy

Our Strategy provides a roadmap for our operating model (Solvay ONE) to leverage our potential as a ONE Group and better serve customers through initiatives like Customer Engagement Model, End-to-End value chain, digitization. Our new People Engagement Model (Solvay ONE Team) features a new set of behaviors to support our performance.

See Together through Solvay ONE

Our Strategy drives decisions about which markets to serve and investments to make. Our Solutions take form in our ‘WHAT’ – the products and services we provide to the world through our customers. These are in constant evolution, as is our business portfolio.

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