2019 Annual Integrated Report

Environmental impacts

Risk description

Solvay’s activities impact the environment through:

  • Use of raw materials based on fossil or non-renewable resources,
  • Consumption of energy,
  • Use of water,
  • Production of waste (solid or liquid, hazardous or safe),
  • NOx, SOx, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or dust emission,
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (see “Climate change” risk).

There is a risk not to meet the rising and more stringent expectations from all stakeholders regarding those impacts on environment.

Prevention and mitigation actions

  • Solvay ONE Planet program will set an ambitious long term vision with a intermediary 2030 environmental plan on high materiality environmental aspects.

Geopolitical rivalries

Risk description

The geopolitical rivalries could translate into constraints to the Group operations (tariffs, investments, intellectual property, data ownership, staff mobility…).