2020 Integrated Report

Case studies

Improving quality of life

Solef® PVDF (pictured)

Solef® PVDF, a high performance material for Li-on batteries, has been awarded the Efficient Solutions label by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Udel® and Veradel®

to clean blood in hemodialysis

Doctor looking at a screen (picture)


  • Need for hemodialysis rising globally, due to a combination of aging populations, increasing kidney failure factors such as obesity, and better access to healthcare, particularly in Asia where the number of untreated patients is estimated to be high.
  • Medical polymers market to grow >6% in the short-term.
  • Medical implants market to grow 7% in the short-term.

Our solution

Polymers that improve hemodialysis

In collaboration with hemodialysis equipment manufacturers, Solvay developed specific polysulfone polymers for hemodialysis: Udel® and Veradel®. These high-purity, high-performance grades of sulfone polymers have an excellent biocompatibility. Patients’ blood can be put in contact with it before going back into their arteries without any risk, and this has been the case for over 25 years. As a world leader in sulfone polymers, we are committed to serving this market to help improve the quality of life for those in need.

Impact on Better life (Healthcare)


Sales in 2019


patients worldwide treated for chronic kidney failure with our product


patients undergoing open heart surgeries each year, treated with our product

* Estimation


Solutions for cleaner air

Power plant (picture)


  • Ever-stricter regulations for air quality.
  • Growing demand for innovations for more efficient processes and more competitive products to address air pollution, especially in Asian markets.
  • +4% growth in water treatment by 2025.

Our solution

Solvair® for a cleaner and safer environment

Our Solvair® products for air emissions help clean exhaust gases across many industries and municipal activities, thanks to our sodium-based sorbent, produced worldwide. They have received the Solar Impulse Foundation’s World Alliance’s Efficient Solutions label.

Impact on Climate and Better life



Removes up to


of SOx, HF and HCL emissions

Improves waste-to-energy conversion by

up to 88%

Improves our customers’ energy efficiency ratio

by over 65%

Mackaderm® LIA

for bio-based hair products

Woman washing her hair (picture)


  • Consumers are gravitating towards simple, natural and eco-friendly hair care products.
  • Hair care formulators must design silicone-free solutions that protect the integrity of the hair and scalp and guarantee top-quality results with the respect of the planet.
  • An expected +3.1% CAGR growth in organic shampoos by 2025.

Our solution

A 100% plant-based alternative to silicone

Mackaderm® LIA is a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to silicone in hair applications (shampoo, conditioner, treatment). It can be implemented in clear shampoos with excellent performance. This hair moisturizing emollient closely imitates the properties of silicone and is COSMOS1 certified as a naturally-derived silicone replacement in sustainable formulations.

Impact on Climate and Better life


Sales (in 2023 estimated at €2.6M)


Critical Dilution Value2 against 909 626 L/g for silicones


vegetable origin


CO2 footprint

Readily bio-degradable

1: International reference for organic and natural cosmetic products

2: Volume of water needed for the dilution of a product down to a concentration with no foreseeable harmful impact on aquatic species (Expressed in L/g). Mackaderm® LIA shows a much less aquatic ecotoxicity than Silicones solutions as it is diluted rapidly in a small volume of water at no foreseeable harmful impact