2020 Integrated Report

Case studies

Protecting natural resources

Solef® PVDF (pictured)

Solef® PVDF, a high performance material for Li-on batteries, has been awarded the Efficient Solutions label by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

AgRHO® S-Boost™

biostimulant for plant growth and increased yield

Crops (picture)


  • The agricultural industry needs to ensure greater yield and better resource management to feed a growing global population.
  • Most agricultural areas worldwide today are vulnerable to drought, extreme temperatures and high winds that can considerably reduce crop quality and yields.
  • Strong shift in consumer behavior towards bio-based solutions for better quality of food.
  • Increased use of renewable raw materials from dedicated crops & scraps.
  • Biostimulant market to grow >10% CAGR by 2024.

Our solution

Our 100% biostimulant to encourage seed growth

Solvay’s biostimulant, AgRHO® S-Boost™ is made from a 100% natural and renewable raw material: guar beans, a legume cultivated in Northern India. With its unique mode of action, AgRHO® S-Boost™ shapes soil properties around the seed to favor water and nutrient uptake, enhance germination, strengthen root development and ultimately increase yield. This reduces the need for fertilizer.

Impact on Protecting resources and Better life (Nutrition)




natural and renewable raw material (guar)


improvement in yield by using conventional amounts of fertilizer

Ability to decrease fertilizer usage


to obtain the same yield

Rhovanil® Natural CW

for bio-sourced vanillin

A piece of cake (picture)


  • Natural vanillin to grow >10% CAGR by 2024; vanillin is the most widely used ingredient in food industry but natural vanilla derived from beans is limited in supply and expensive.
  • Strict regulations to ensure global food security.
  • Strong shift in consumer behavior towards bio-based solutions for better quality of food.
  • Use of renewable raw materials from dedicated crops and scraps.

Our solution

A 100% vegetable-base alternative to natural vanillin

Solvay is the historic leading producer of vanillin. We have developed an entirely natural grade, Rhovanil® Natural CW, produced from a natural raw material extracted from non-GMO rice bran oil. It meets all global regulations on natural flavoring substances and offers both the vanillin note characteristic of vanilla and the advantage of a natural flavor labeling.

Impact on Protecting resources and Better life (Nutrition)




vegetable origin

Waste valorization


A bio sourced solvent

Cleaning spray (picture)


  • Fragrance markets, especially in Air Care, are looking for bio renewable, sustainable and safer alternatives to petrochemical solvents, that also provide good solubilization feature, stability, adequate volatility and improvement of fragrance long-lasting.
  • Home Care markets, especially in Surface Care, focus on sustainability, high performance cleaning and competitiveness.
  • The demand for innovative vegan products is a clear trend (Vegan Society registered).

Our solution

Bio-based solvents to protect health and the environment

Augeo® is an innovative line of solvents developed from glycerin, a renewable source, based on safer alternatives, sustainability and performance. This eco solvent is composed of versatile molecules, with high solubility power and low odor. More than high performance solvents, our bio-based solvents are aligned with the most restrictive global legislations (EPA-Inert, Safer Choice) as well as with environmental needs, in addition to meeting the demands for vegan raw materials. They present a low carbon footprint and are not toxic to humans or to the environment.

Impact on Better life, Climate and Protecting resources




times CO2 equivalent emissions reduction vs. petrochemical based raw materials

Low vapor pressure volatile organic compounds (LVP-VOC)

Renewable raw material (glycerin)