2020 Integrated Report

Sustainability from Board to shop floor

Jaguar® Range (pictured)

Our Jaguar® Range are natural polymers derived from renewable resources that provide hair and body care formulators with a full range of conditioning and texturizing features.

Our teams have been encouraged to play their own part in our Solvay One Planet roadmap through actions in their daily lives that have a positive impact in fighting climate change and preserving the environment. We have seen significant personal engagement by our employees in making sustainability relevant and palpable throughout the Group.

“Solvay One Planet, our 2030 sustainability program, is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we are committed to supporting the UN Global compact principles.”

Ilham Kadri (picture)Ilham Kadri, Solvay CEO

Board of Directors & Executive Committee Definition of strategy & monitoring

The Board is the leading sponsor of Solvay’s sustainability approach

  • The Board oversees and approves the Group’s sustainable development commitments.
  • CSR risks are an integral part of the company’s risk management process and are reviewed by the Risk Committee.
  • The Audit Committee now reviews all data, both financial and extra-financial.
  • The Board is trained on sustainability matters annually.

The Executive Committee

  • Determines strategy, approves targets.
  • Monitors execution, including the results of the annual Solvay Way self-assessment.
  • The Sustainability Supervisor, Karim Hajjar (CFO), ensures the integration of sustainability into financial value creation.
  • The Climate Supervisor, Vincent De Cuyper, ensures that climate issues are factored into all key strategic decisions taken by the Group.

Corporate Sustainable Development Function Coordination & supervision

  • Defines and deploys Solvay One Planet.
  • Consolidates the Solvay Way self-assessment.
  • Presents the results to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
  • Trains the Board of Directors on sustainability matters.

Global Business Units Deployment in GBUs

Heads of Sustainability in GBU leadership teams

  • A single point of contact for the leadership team and the GBU President on sustainability topics.
  • With power of decision and a 360° view of the GBU’s strategy and activities, they are responsible for integrating sustainability into the decision- making process.

Solvay Way: Champions and correspondents ensure the deployment of the process in all Solvay sites, GBUs and Corporate Functions

  • Motivate their colleagues to meet specific targets.
  • Set action plans to improve their processes and practices.
  • Assess their own progress.
  • Identify areas for improvement for each stakeholder group.
  • Design improvement plans to enhance integration of sustainability in their entities.

EmployeesDay-to-day actions


  • Involved in Solvay One Planet actions.

Reinforce a culture of sustainable development

Our people are involved in several key societal actions every year:

Our 2020 virtual Citizen Day to promote science education included the creation of the Future Innovator’s Library, a platform that houses educational videos created by Solvay employees to inspire young girls and boys.

We held a series of One Planet Talks, which were webinars and discussions around Climate, Resources and Better Life. The sessions include insight from experts, executives, partners, customers and our employees to better understand how to create sustainable shared value while improving our impact in the fields we consider as priorities.

Through our Stop Office Waste initiative we encourage our teams to contribute to reducing our environmental footprint in our office environment. We are taking steps to generate zero food waste, become paperless and eliminate all single use plastic.

Our employees donated over 800 days off to the Solvay Solidarity Fund to provide fellow employees with more time off to care for loved ones or deal with other challenges associated with the Covid-19 crisis.