2020 Integrated Report

In step with global business trends

Eco-friendly based solutions

Aquivion® (pictured)

Our Aquivion® innovation is a key material for hydrogen production. It is crucial for electrical storage and conversion devices such as fuel cells, electrolyzers and flow batteries used in conjunction with zero-emission electricity sources.

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Addressable market


Consumer behaviors are shifting towards wellness: this includes a desire for a better quality of life, a healthier work-life balance, reduced stress and higher quality food. These new priorities drive their purchases for more organic and natural products. This trend will only strengthen as consumers become more cautious about their health and the impacts products may cause on the environment.


CAGR growth in natural vanillin by 20241


CAGR growth in waterborne coatings by 20251


CAGR growth in organic shampoos through 20251

Challenges for customers

The higher cost of eco-friendly based solutions compared with fossil- based technologies.

Opportunities for Solvay

  • Solvay is a leader in bio-based ingredients.
    • We are a top producer of natural vanillin, produced through bio-fermentation of the ferulic acid extracted from rice bran.
    • We are the world leader in chemical modification of guar. Guar gum is extracted from the seeds of the guar plant and used in markets such as agro and nutrition and home & personal care.
  • Our waterborne coatings solutions address the challenges of adhesion to difficult substrates and overall durability while answering ever-stricter regulations. We work closely with customers to provide more responsible solutions that meet their specific needs.
Eco-friendly solutions (icon)


Sustainable shampoos ingredients
Mackadet® OPR-2 is a new generation of naturally based, microplastic-free opacifier. Biodegradable, naturally- derived, it provides a creamy white and soft appearance for body washes and shampoos. This innovative technology answers the consumer demand for pure, simple and renewable cosmetic formulations.

1: Solvay internal research